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Creating distinct connections

Find your fit

The close, personalized attention honors students receive extends well beyond the Honors College's support staff. For philosophy major Tony Alessi, the ability to build relationships with his professors helped create a distinct connection to the college and his academic interests.

"This summer alone, I've corresponded with four or five of my professors, and they're always receptive to it. I've never had a professor who wasn't willing to talk. They're willing sit down and to grab a coffee or grab lunch. It creates a lot of opportunities to discuss your interests and learn more about them."

In fact, Tony's Honors Advisor and faculty member, Ed Munn Sanchez, not only helps to guide his course decisions but is there to help him evolve as a philosophy student— a subject Munn Sanchez knows well.

Push your boundaries

Last year, the College's Director of Internship Programs introduced Tony to the South Carolina Washington Semester Internship program. This program gives students across the state the opportunity to spend a semester working and taking classes in Washington D.C.

Tony spent the semester working with United States Senator Lindsey Graham. The experience enabled him to observe political processes take shape and begin to build a professional network.

"It was amazing to meet people with diverse backgrounds and careers. As a person who wants to learn, there are few better ways to do that than through the Washington Semester Program. You are surrounded with students who are passionately concerned about political issues and being exposed to new ideas."

An unforgettable experience

Being a part of the South Carolina Honors College means joining an elite group of curious minds from across the country. Not only does it spur intellectual curiosity – it fosters a community of students who come together to push each other forward.

"The greatest benefit that I have experienced as an honors students has been being surrounded by a group of intellectually curious people, both faculty and students who are willing and eager to engage in tackling important ideas."