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Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Students in front of the Russell House University Union

10th Grade

High school graduation may seem like a long way off, but every grade you make has an impact on your college admission. Stay focused! This is your chance to build the foundation for a strong academic future. 

Meet your local admissions rep.

The University of South Carolina has dozens of admissions representatives spread across the country ready to answer your college questions. Find the rep closest to you, and don't be afraid to ask questions!

Check in with your high school counselor.

If you haven't already done so, look over UofSC's admissions requirements with your counselor. How does your current schedule compare to our course requirements? See how your four-year plan is coming along.

Start preparing for SAT/ACT testing.

Now is the time to learn about SAT and ACT testing. Keep track of upcoming test dates, take practice tests, and just go for it. The more you test attempts you make, the better your scores will get. Become a pro at test-taking!

Research financial aid and scholarships.

As you gather information on colleges and universities, it is important to make note of cost estimates and financial aid options. These will become crucial when it comes to decision time. But the good news is, college is affordable if you know your options!

Get involved... and blaze a trail.

Learning goes beyond the classroom. Getting involved in school clubs, organizations, and after-school activities gives you a chance to find yourself and pursue your passions. Can't find a particular club at your school that interests you? Maybe it's time to blaze a trail and start your own.