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Office 365 Dual Account Users

Have you ever been both a student and university employee?

A dual account holder is an individual who has both a student account and an employee account. Often, employees no longer check their student @email account. However, the account is still active in the Office 365 Cloud.  Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow a user to have multiple  university-supported accounts in the Cloud.  Therefore, one account must be merged with the other.  Our system recognizes the as the "main" account for individuals. If you aren't sure if you are a dual account holder, use the link below.

Am I a special case? Enter your network username:

Information for dual account users during pre-migration period.

I received an email that my accounts are being merged. What does this mean?

In a process called pre-migration, email messages that are older than August 8, 2018 will be copied to the cloud.  Therefore, email messages will show up in both the @email account and the @mailbox account. This pre-migration process copies older data only, to make the transition to the cloud-only environment move more quickly and efficiently. You will not see signifigant changes to your accounts until September. You will receive much more detailed information.

As a dual account holder, do I need to do anything differently after my @mailbox emails older than 8/8/18 are copied to the cloud?

Please do not move email messages, reorganize/rename folders, or delete messages in either account that were dated August 8 or older.  Once your mail has been pre-migrated, any changes you make through the Outlook software on your computer will not show up in the Cloud. You are welcome to file emails that are newer than August 8 as you wish. These changes will copy to the cloud -- it's only changes to messages older than August 8 that will not be copied.

Will I lose any email?

No.  All email and calendar appointments located in your account will be replicated in the cloud.

Will my Outlook calendar be affected during pre-migration?

Not during pre-migration.  However, there will be a period of time later in the process when you will temporarily lose access to your @mailbox account and will need to check, send, and receive email at your @email account.  You will also temporarily lose the ability to look for free/busy time with all employees and vice-versa.  Many more details about this process will be forthcoming.

How long will the @email address be my primary account? When can I go back to @mailbox?

Currently, the DoIT estimates that @email will need to be the primary account for dual users for one week.

What is my Office 365 Username?

Locate your Office 365 username here.  This will be the username you use to login to your Outlook email and Microsoft Office 365 portal.

Change your Network Username password.


What do I need to do after my email migration is complete?

ATTENTION: Please consult your local IT support before continuing.  If you do not have local IT support, please refer to the instructions below.  
Migration will be completed in stages. Please do not proceed with these steps until you receive notification that your email has been migrated.

If you are running a local installation of 2010/2013/2016 Outlook on a PC or 2011/2016 Outlook on a Mac, you will be able to configure your Outlook client to connect to your Office 365 mailbox.  You can also access your email through the Office 365 portal or Outlook Web client.  

How to set up email on current Outlook 2013 and 2016 PC clients
  1. Click on your Start/Windows button and open Outlook 2016.
  2. Click Next to set up your Outlook mail client.
    setp 2
  3. Once you click Next, verify that your O365 username and password are correct, as it may auto populate. Click Next.
    step 3
  4. Your account is now being set up.
    step 4
  5. The following window will appear when it is complete. Click Finish and your Outlook mailbox will open. Note: it will take a bit longer the first time it opens.
How to set up email on current Outlook 2016 Mac clients
  1. Open Finder > Applications and then double click Outlook.
  2. Click Get Started.
    step 2
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Type your Office 365 username and click Next.
  5. Choose work or school account.
  6. Type your university network password and click Sign In.
  7. Add an account.  Verify your O365 username and password.
  8. You will have to activate the account with your username and password information.
How to set up email using the installation from the Office 365 portal 

After migration is complete:

  1. Log into the Microsoft Office 365 portal,, using your Office 365 username and university network password. Don't know your Office 365 username?

  2. Install a local copy of Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus to your laptop or desktop.
    1. Installation instructions for Windows 7 and 10
    2. Installation instructions for Mac
  3. Log into mail on mobile devices.
  4. Log into outlook web app (previously
  5. Log into the Office 365 web portal.