Thanksgiving message

Dear Carolina Family, 

Thanksgiving may be the most American holiday our nation has. It makes our vast nation feel like a single family, all of us figuratively seated at the same table to give thanks for our personal joys and to remember the needs of others. 

Happily, Patricia and I will be in the great company of our adult children and will delight in the sweet laughter of our two granddaughters as they visit our home on the Horseshoe; this gathering of family members has not happened in a long time. It is our greatest hope that each of you will also enjoy the holiday in the embrace of those you love. 

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart." 

Nineteenth century educator Jean Baptiste Massieu

Nineteenth century educator Jean Baptiste Massieu once wrote, "Gratitude is the memory of the heart." It's my wish that your Thanksgiving will be filled with the simple things that you might recall in the years ahead—a hug, a smile, a thoughtful conversation and a welcoming heart. 

Please know that as I sit at our Thanksgiving table this year, I will be expressing my gratitude for serving you, my Carolina family. 

Patricia and I wish you safe travels over the holidays. To the students, my special wish is that you return to us refreshed, renewed and geared up for a strong finish during finals. We will be here to welcome you home. 

Happy Thanksgiving!