A strong finish

Dear Carolina Students, 

I think we can all agree that we've had a very busy spring. CNN showcased our campus to the world during two live presidential debates; award-winning authors and journalists have visited; and our spring athletic and cultural calendars are full! Spring break found many of you hard at work, in locations throughout the world, providing much-needed community service. Yet I hope all of you found some time to rest and catch-up with friends and family. Yes, it has been a busy...but also a wonderful spring. 

I'm sending you a quick reminder that finals are less than a month away.  You'll have a much better summer if you hit the books and finish strong. To perform your best, it's important to stay healthy and that's easier than you may think—eat nutritious foods, get enough sleep and take time each day to exercise at the Strom or Blatt or even walk a few laps around the Horseshoe. Mental and physical health is key to strong academic performance. 

The future is almost here. Let's be ready. 

Many of you may be experiencing some political fatigue as we slog through this unusually abrasive presidential election season. While it may seem off-putting, stay engaged...you are our future. Be civic-minded, do your political homework and keep your discussions on a higher plane by practicing values inspired by the Carolinian Creed. My expectations are that each of you will vote confidently and thoughtfully in November's general election. 

Finally, I'm delighted to report that this year's graduates will be entering a more receptive job market than in recent years. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is reporting that employers are planning to hire 11 percent more college graduates for U.S. jobs this year than in 2015. This is terrific news and all the more reason for our seniors to finish strong. 

The future is almost here. Let's be ready. 

Go Gamecocks! 

Harris Pastides