President's Messages in Aftermath of Tree of Life Tragedy

October 29, 2018

Our hearts go out to the families, the congregation of the Tree of Life Synagogue and the Pittsburgh community. America is built on a tradition of religious freedom. This cherished ideal has brought people from all over the world to our shores, so they could live their lives in accordance with their faith. Hatred and violence have no place in our houses of worship or in our society. All people have the right to go about their day without living in fear of violence or intimidation. As a university community, as set forth in our Carolinian Creed, we stand united in respecting the dignity of all persons, while discouraging bigotry in all forms.

October 31, 2018

Last night’s Memorial at Beth Shalom Synagogue brought out many people from diverse backgrounds who stood in solidarity with Jews everywhere. We held hands and sang spirituals and called for an end to the continuing threat of anti-Semitic violence aimed at Jewish communities.   

Harris Pastides