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Voluntary masking in all areas of our campuses is encouraged and supported, especially in any confined areas such as break rooms, restrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, and hallways. Frequently check the gray boxes below to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates.

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Personal Counseling Services

Mental health is as important as physical health, and counseling can help improve your wellbeing. Life can be full of challenges that make everyday tasks, such as school, work, relationships, self-care, etc. more difficult at times. Or we may find ourselves feeling more afraid, overwhelmed, down, out of control. You are not alone. Counseling can be helpful for everyone and all kinds of struggles

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The University of South Carolina Lancaster provides counseling services at no charge to active students through MyGroup, a Student Assistance Program (SAP).

The SAP offers help for personal, professional or school concerns by providing free, confidential, short-term counseling and personal consultation.  Additionally, the SAP provides student-life resources for such issues as legal and financial consultation, online learning and resources.

The SAP has a network of counselors that are conveniently located.  They can help you improve or resolve personal difficulties whether big or small, personal or school-related.  

Confidentiality is one of the most important features of the SAP.  No one will know that you have used this resource unless you offer that information or unless someone’s safety is threatened.  

There is no cost to you for your phone calls or virtual, telephonic or face-to-face visits with the SAP. Appointments are available during both daytime and evening hours.  

To seek assistance, call 704-529-1428 or 800-633-3353. You may also send a request online.

Access to Online Resources 

As a USCL student, you have unlimited access to a comprehensive website that includes a resource library with more than 11,000 articles. The site features searchable databases and resource links for child care providers, elder care, and related services. Financial tools include a discount shopping program. Downloadable legal forms, such as living wills and power of attorney documents, are available as well.

Check out the MyGroup Work-Life portal for helpful resources including financial and legal services. To access, go to > My Portal Login > Work-Life.

Username:  usclcounseling                   

Password:  guest