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Galleries and Collections

USC Lancaster and its Native American Studies Committee have worked closely with the main campus in Columbia and many regional campuses of USC, the Catawba Cultural Preservation Project, community leaders from the state’s Native American communities, and regional arts and cultural agencies to develop plans for bringing greater attention to the history and culture of South Carolina’s indigenous peoples.


USC Lancaster Native American Studies Center Galleries consist of 6,500 square feet of gallery space made possible by the City of Lancaster. Currently, the Center houses three of the galleries named after donors to the Native American Studies Center— The Red Rose Gallery (the City of Lancaster), The Duke Energy Gallery, and The Lindsay Pettus Gallery. Galleries are home to a growing collection of Native American art and exhibits focused on Native American history and popular topics.

The mission of these galleries is to bring greater attention to the history and culture of South Carolina's indigenous peoples through preservation projects, exhibits, student engagement, and other public projects.

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Our Pottery Collection

In 2006, the Native American Studies Ad Hoc Committee, currently named the Native American Studies Advisory Committee, was formed to start building a pottery collection with the hope that one day it would become an important part of the Center’s mission and future. Through grants, donations, and sponsorships this collection has grown to include several individual collections–The Duke Energy Collection and the Thomas J. Blumer Collection just to name a few, these collections combined total over thirteen hundred pieces of pottery, archaeological artifacts, and other Native American crafts.


Our Acquired Collections



As the collection continues to grow, we are assessing ways to make the information available to researchers, academics, museums, and the general public.  One way to achieve this goal is through traveling exhibits and loans to other institutions from the collection.  The Center offers several exhibits that can travel to off-site locations.

Current Projects

South Carolina Native American Arts and Crafts Collection Inventory

The Center is in the process of creating a research inventory of Native American arts and crafts collections from museums, universities, and influential private collections statewide in order to give researchers a list of all topic related collections in the state, contact information, background information and photos.  

Current Exhibits

Artifact Timeline, Permanent Exhibit, Front Entry Way