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Campus Reopening Plan

USC Salkehatchie is working in concert with the university, multiple government agencies, and public health experts to determine best practices for the safest and most effective route forward. The task force will develop criteria and ensure these criteria are all met before students, faculty and staff return to campus.

USC Salkehatchie’s planned reopening will take place in 4 phases:

Phase 1:  June 1 - June 21

  • Campus will remain closed with admission and financial aid staff available remotely.
  • ONLY essential staff will be allowed on campus--facilities and maintenance, etc.
  • Non-essential employees will continue to work remotely.

Phase II: June 22 - July 13

  • Most employees will continue to work remotely, if feasible. 
  • The campus will likely remain closed to visitors. 

Phase III: July 14 - Aug. 3

  • More staff and administration may be brought back to campus as needed with safety and health being the primary considerations. 
  • Campus possibly open to students and visitors with protocols in place. 

Phase IV:  Aug. 4

  • Campus reopens with new social distancing protocols in force throughout the fall semester.