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Coronavirus Response: To find out more about the guidelines for returning to campus and to view student, parent and staff resources, see Campus Reopening and COVID-19 Resources on the website. Additional resources on the university's system response can be found on Columbia's coronavirus landing page.

Reopening Task Force

Task Force members are bold.  Working Group members in italics. 

Chris Nesmith--Campus Dean 

Jessica All--Business Office 

Amy Stanley 

Suzanne Goodson 

Lamar Hewlett 

Brenda Hightower 

Lisa Bonnette--Human Resources 

Margaret Carter 

Victoria Hollins 

Jane Brewer--Student Activities/Athletics 

Student Activities: 

Eric Simpkin 

Robby Thomas 


Bill Glass 

Kenneth Bellamy 

Glen Mayo 

Drew Alewine 

Jeremy Joye 

Olivia Gaines 

Margaret Carter-- Executive Assistant  

April Cone--Health and Wellness 

Whitney Bishop 

Jessica Bryan 

April Williams 

Stephanie Gruber--Communications 

Margaret Carter 

Jessica Goodwin

Shelia Smoak

Brenda Hightower/Todd Padgett--Safety and Maintenance 

Maeshell Doe 

Timothy Gregory 

James Herndon 

Dan Johnson 

John Peek 

April Williams 

Bryan Love--Academics/Faculty 

Ahron Mack 

David Cherry 

David Hatch 

Bryan Lai 

Rod Steward 

Tony Jackson--Enrollment Services 

Melissa Tomlinson-Hooks 

Rashida Warren 

Simeon Hammonds 

Haley Rowe 

Gayle Walsh/Ray Potts--Information Technology 

MaryLee Corley 

David Dangerfield