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Faculty and Staff

Kathleen Kilk

Title: Assistant Professor of Psychology
Department: Division of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
USC Sumter
Phone: 803-938-3852
Office: Schwartz Rm 103
Teaches or has taught the following courses

PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 220 Psychological Statistics
PSYC 221 Research Methods
PSYC 420 Survey of Developmental Psychology


East Tennessee State University, Experimental Psychology, 2012-2015, Ph.D.
Morehead State University, General Psychology, 2009-2012, M.A.
Emory & Henry College, Psychology, 2004-2008, B.A.
Emory & Henry College, Business Administration, 2004-2008, B.S.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Willis, L., Lee, E., Reynolds, K. J., & Klik, K. A. (2020). The theory of planned behavior and the social identity approach: A new look at group processes and social norms in the context of student binge drinking. Accepted for publication in Europe's Journal of Psychology.
  • Klik, K. A., Williams, S. L., & Reynolds, K. J. (2019). Toward understanding mental illness stigma and help-seeking: A social identity perspective. Social Science & Medicine, 222, 35-43.
  • McKenna, S., Lee, E., Klik, K. A., Markus, A., Hewstone, M., & Reynolds, K. J., (2018). Are diverse societies less cohesive?: Testing contact and medicated contact theories. PLOS One.
  • Reynolds, K. J., & Klik, K. A. (2016). New developments in prejudice research: from its neural basis and impact on well-being to prejudice reduction. Current Opinion in Psychology, 11, 115-119.
  • Williams, S. L., LaDuke, S. L., Klik, K. A., & Hutsell, D. W. (2016). A paradox of support seeking and support response among gays and lesbians. Personal Relationships, 23(2), 296-310.
  • Butz, D. A., Klik, K. A., & Plant, A. E. (2013). When do negative response expectancies undermine interracial relations? The role of the Protestant work ethic. Group Processes & Intergroup Relation, 1-15.

Government reports (available upon request)

  • Reynolds, K. J., Jones, C., Klik, K. A., Saydan, S., Rahman, D., & Chia, Kerryne (2017). Understanding and strengthening student resilience to radicalisation and violent extremism in schools. Canberra, ACT: Education Services Australia – Council of Australian Government (COAG).
  • Reynolds, K. J., Klik, K. A., & McKenna, S. (2017). Targeted review: Preventing radicalisation of Australian youth. Canberra, ACT: Australian Intervention Support Hub – Attorney General’s Department and Australian Federal Police.
  • Reynolds, K. J., Batalha, L., Jones, B., Klik, K. A., Cotan Utomo, M. (2016). FINAL REPORT: Building successful diverse communities: What works and why? Canberra, ACT: Australian Research Council Linkage project with the Department of Social Services.