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Spring 2020 USC Sumter Students and Dual Enrollment FAQ

The following are some questions USC Sumter students and dual enrollment students may have regarding the expanded pass/fail scale. All  students are encouraged to speak with their academic advisor or guidance counselor PRIOR TO submitting the pass-fail grade request form to discuss individual academic implications. 

For financial aid implications, please call 803-938-3822 or email Lisa Jeffords,, in our financial aid office


Those courses with an S+/S grade will count as attempted and earned hours, and those with a U grade will only count as attempted hours. However, a Pass/Fail grade will not impact the student's USC GPA. Lottery Tuition Assistance eligibility is maintained with an overall USC GPA of 2.0.

If you are a dual enrollment student enrolled in the Spring ’20 semester you are eligible to replace the final grade you receive with an S+/S/U.  Earned grades of A, B+, B, C+ and C will be replaced with S+, earned grades of D+ and D will be replaced with S, and an earned grade of F will be replaced with a U. 

 Instructors will submit numerical and letter grades for the high school and letter grades for U of SC, as usual. The letter grade will be replaced by the appropriate Pass/Fail grade at the student’s request. Numerical grades will remain on the high school transcript. Please consult your high school guidance counselor for questions regarding high school transcripts. 
 After your course grade has been recorded, you need to complete the Spring 2020 Pass Fail Grade Request Form (Forthcoming) and submit it directly to the office of The University Registrar for processing. 
 No. The S+/S/U grade must be requested directly from the University Registrar. The high school and the university have two separate processes for requesting pass/fail grades, and students wanting these grades need to complete both processes. 
 Instructors will not be notified if a student requests the S+/S/U grades, and they have no role in approving the grades.
 You will have until July 1, 2020 to submit a Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Grade request to U of SC. Consult your high school guidance counselor for your high school deadline.
 Grades of S+/S/U do not count towards the GPA.
 Grades of S+/S/U will have no value to be calculated into your high school GPA and may affect your final cumulative high school GPA and class rank, which are used for state scholarship qualifying purposes.
Courses with S+ and S will count towards earned semester hours and a course with a grade of U will not.
 For courses with grades of S+/S, the hours earned will count toward Life Scholarship credit hour requirements.  Grades of S+/S/U will not affect the Life Scholarship GPA.
 This request will have no effect on the USC transcript as USC does not recognize the WP designation.  Students wishing to withdraw from a USC course must consult with their DE Coordinator and Guidance Counselor and request this action from the USC Office of Academic Affairs.  If a student is granted a W for the course, it will count in their attempted hours but will not carry any credit nor will it affect their USC GPA.
 You should consider how the S+/S/U grade will affect your U of SC transcript and GPA along with your high school GPA, class rank, or scholarship qualifications.

* If you have more questions or concerns about Pass/Fail grades and how they affect your U of SC and/or high school transcript contact your DE director or guidance counselor.