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Face coverings will be required on-campus and social distancing will be encouraged among members of the campus community. The semester will be offered in an accelerated format, with in-person instruction ending on Nov. 24. In addition, classes will be held on many traditional holidays and breaks to allow for the semester to end earlier than usual. Campus will be closed on Labor Day (Sept. 7). Classes will be held asynchronous (virtual) on Labor Day (Sept. 7) and Election Day (Nov. 3). Classes will be held remotely on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Fall break will also be cancelled with face-to-face instruction being held on Oct. 15-16. This schedule also aligns with that of University of South Carolina's institution in Columbia.

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Non-Harassment Policy

The University of South Carolina does not discriminate in educational or employment opportunities on the basis of race, sex, gender, age, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, genetics, veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions.

Specifically, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, other federal and state laws and university of South Carolina policy prohibit:

  • sex discrimination and sexual harassment of students, faculty, staff and others who use the university’s resources;
  • sexual misconduct, including sexual assault and other types of sexual violence;
  • relationship violence and stalking;
  • retaliation against anyone who complains about receiving such conduct or serves as a witness in cases involving such conduct.

USC Union:

  • promotes an environment of nondiscrimination, inclusiveness, and equal opportunity; 
  • is dedicated to ensuring students, faculty, staff, and others who use the university’s resources are protected from the type of unlawful conduct described above.
Palmetto College Non-Harassment Policy {pdf}
  • Students with concerns or questions, or who want to file a complaint about sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault at USC Union should be directed to:
    Dr. Randy Lowell
    Main Building, Room M206
    401 E Main St
    Union, SC 29379
    (864) 424-8046
  • Faculty, staff or visitors with concerns or questions, or who want to file a complaint about sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual assault at USC Campus should be directed to:
    Susan Jett
    Central Building, Room C204
    309 E Academy St
    Union, SC 29379
    (864) 424-8027
  • To report an incident of sexual assault on weekends or after 5:00 P. M. on weekdays, please call 911 for an immediate response.
  • You may also leave a voicemail message or send an email to the appropriate person listed above, who will provide a response during regular business hours.
  • Anyone who experiences or has knowledge of sex discrimination or sexual harassment (including sexual misconduct, such as sexual assault or sexual violence) is encouraged to contact the USC Union Title IX Coordinator, Susan Jett, about incidents involving faculty, staff, vendors, contractors, or visitors.  Incidents involving students should be reported to the USC Union Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Randy Lowell.
  • Unless you are a confidential resource, any administrator or supervisor, including a department chair, associate dean or other administrator, or any person in a position of authority or power over a student who receives notice of a student's complaint of alleged unlawful sex discrimination or sexual harassment, including any sexual misconduct, such as sexual assault or other sexual violence, must immediately contact USC Union.  Failure to immediately report any Title IX incident may result in disciplinary action against any person (administrators, faculty or staff member) in a position of authority or power over a student.
  • If a student tells you he or she wants to report a sexual assault, unless you are a confidential resource (see below for a definition of who is a confidential resource), you should do the following:
    1. Immediately, but politely, stop the student from revealing any additional information to you until you have told the student:
      1. That you are not a confidential resource.
      2. That you cannot keep the information confidential.
      3. That you must report the incident to the appropriate USC Union official.
      4. That if the student wants the information to remain confidential, you can refer the student to a confidential resource.
    2. Unless you are a confidential resource, you should assume you are a responsible employee and are required to report the sexual assault.
  • If you hold a valid license in a profession that requires confidentiality, and/or you work in a USC job in which you are designated a confidential resource by the university, you are a confidential resource and are not a mandatory reporter. This means, normally, if a student reports to you that she or he has been sexually assaulted, you must obtain permission of the student before you may reveal the student’s identity.
  • However, generally, in South Carolina, even if you are a confidential resource, if the incident involves suspected abuse of a child (a person under the age of 18) you must report the incident (to South Carolina Department of Social Services or to law enforcement).
  • Please report any incident that involves sex discrimination or sexual harassment (including sexual misconduct, sexual assault, or sexual violence) that you have experienced, witnessed, or has been reported to you.  
  • Remember, If a complainant requests anonymity, it is your responsibility to inform her or him that you cannot guarantee her/his anonymity or confidentiality, but you will do your best to honor any such request. If she/he wants a guarantee of confidentiality, she/he should be referred to a confidential resource.  Confidential resources are not required to report the complainant’s identity.
Counseling Services:
• Counseling & Human Development Center, (803) 777-5223
• Union County Mental Health Services, (864) 427-1224, 130 Medical Sciences Dr, Union SC 29379
Medical Services:
• Union Medical Center, 322 W South Street, Union SC 29379
• Laurens County Memorial Hospital, 22725 US-76, Clinton SC 29325
Law Enforcement
•City of Union Public Safety, (864) 429-1728, 215 Thompson Blvd, Union SC 29379
•Laurens Police Dept, (864) 984-3532, 250 W Laurens St, Laurens SC 29360
Relocation Services
• Safe Passage, Inc, (803) 329-2800