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Introduction to Blackboard

Blackboard is the class management software we use here at USCB. All classes can have a Blackboard component. Blackboard allows USCB faculty to create a course web site for class communications, posting assignments, posting readings, linking to complementary web sites, administering exams, and much more, all with little or no knowledge of web site design or HTML.

Blackboard Username Lookup/Password Set:
If you do not know your USCB Network Username/PW combination (or if you have forgotten your password), follow the instructions below.

Login to VIP (http://vip.sc.edu )
(Forget your PIN ? Students should contact the Registrar's Office; faculty/staff should contact your departmental Human Resources representative)

  • Click on the Technology link
  • Click on Show Me Network Username. Your USCB Network Username will be displayed and you will be prompted to choose your password. You must type in the password twice to verify your choice.
  • Click on the SET PASSWORD button to set your new password

If you receive errors from VIP (either when looking up your username or setting the password), please carefully record the error message and code and contact the Information Commons Help Desk, 208-8278 or 208-8024.


Logging in to Blackboard:
To access your Blackboard account, point your web browser to the web address:


and login at the screen prompts. After logging in successfully, you will see your classes listed. The system is easy to navigate, and the HELP icon at the top of the screen will take you to detailed documentation on using the system.

PLEASE NOTE: The AOL browser is incompatible with Blackboard. If you use AOL (or another internet service that provides a customized browser), you should install Netscape or IE, minimize your AOL or other ISP application after connection, and then use Netscape or IE for Blackboard.

Problems with a Blackboard Session?
If you have problems with any Blackboard feature during a session, you should first be sure you are using a compatible web browser properly configured as outlined above.

You should also be sure to always use the navigation tools provided in the Blackboard session whenever possible, rather than navigating through your browser using Back/Forward/Refresh, etc.

Also, it is critical to avoid refreshing and resizing your screen when in Blackboard, especially in critical situations like taking a quiz/exam.

If you are getting strange responses from Blackboard (buttons won't open, bad information displayed, etc.), always try to clear the cache in your browser; also try logging out of Bb and back in, and closing your browser, reopening, and logging back in.

If you still experience problems, please contact Information Commons Help Desk at 208-8278 or 208-8024.

Setting Your Email Address for Class Communications:
By default, your Gamecock Email (GEM) address (username@mailbox.sc.edu) will be your default email address on Blackboard, but you can change this to whatever email address you prefer to use for class communications. From the MY USC menu, select Personal Information from the Tools menu, then Edit Personal Information. Be sure you click on Submit in step 3 to register your changes, and then OK to verify your changes.

Don't Forget to Logout:
Always Logout of a Blackboard session when you are finished. If you are in a public lab, be especially careful to logout, and to quit the browser, too.


For help throughout the semester contact the

INFORMATION COMMONS staff at 208-8278 or 208-8024.