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  • Enterprise Applications Change Management

    Getting Started

    University Technology Services(UTS) Enterprise Applications(EA) Project Management

    1. The Change Management System is a "Self-Service" environment. If you are a new user entering the Change Management System for the first time, you simply have to enter your LDAP (network) username and password into the login form. Once you submit this information you will be sent to the self registration page for the Change Management System which requires the following information.

    All fields are required:

    First Name: Enter your First name.

    Last Name: Enter your Last name.

    Phone Number: Enter your phone number.

    E-Mail: Enter your USC eMail address.

    Requesting Groups Information: At the bottom of the page, select your department from the list provided. If you do not see your department listed, please send an email to Change Management Support with the details and your contact information.

    Once completed, an eMail will be sent to the "Approver" for your Department. The "Approver" will take the following steps:

    • confirm your request belongs to their department
    • assign authority levels for your ID
    • approve your registration

    Once approved an email will be sent to you confirming your registration has been completed. You are now ready to login to the Change Management System.

    2. After you have submitted your registration to the Change Management System and you are awaiting your confirmation, we recommend you take this time to familiarize your self with how the system works. Please review the Summary Overview to best utilize and understand the work flow processes.

    3. When the Change Management "Approver" for your department has approved your request. Check your eMail for confirmation.

    4. Congratulations. At this point you have completed the registration, review and confirmation steps. You are now ready to participate in the Change Management System. Click here to get started.