Chip Harvey

Web Information Architect, Digital Strategy


Office: 1600 Hampton St.

Chip Harvey has been working as a professional graphic designer since graduating from the University of South Carolina in 1987, but in reality, has been a designer since birth.

As a child, an interest in drawing was encouraged by his mother who allowed him to paint the walls of his room. Not that unusual, until you consider that painting the room consisted of drawing sports figures and the football helmets of all the NFL teams on the wall and “painting” them in magic marker.

A career in graphic design was nurtured by his father who asked, “How can you make a living doing art?”

Trying to decide whether to major in art or journalism, Chip took courses in both, and was fortunate to learn from great professors who saw promise in the young man. A professor in his Creative Strategy in Advertising class once offered praise saying, “You have a real talent for this business. I think you will go far!”

Chip has been working on campus since 1990, only a few blocks away from where that class is still taught; he appreciates the professor’s sentiment, but doubts her judgment.

In 2010, Chip was asked to participate in UCDA’s 40 Years/40 Designers project and answer the question “Why design for education?” Find out why he does what he does at the UCDA Web site.