Kimberley Massey

Senior Designer, Creative Services


Office: War Memorial

Kimberley Massey earned a BFA from Winthrop University in graphic design and has worked in design agencies, corporate settings and on a freelance basis. South Carolina is home because, as a former Army kid, she has lived here the longest.

She moved here from New Jersey and her first weekend in South Carolinian was spent at the Irmo Okra Strut watching people eat slimy green vegetables in 101-degree heat. It took a while to get over that introduction, but once the heat wave passed and Kimberley found that okra can also be fried, she started to like it here. Now she can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Kimberley has worked at USC for 14 years, designing for clients across the campus. She loves what she does and thinks she has one of the best jobs at the university. Like most people, she went to college and concentrated in one area of study. But unlike most people, she is still in college and still learning every day — in every field this time around and without the tests! Kimberley loves meeting different faculty and staff members every day, learning what they do then finding a creative way to let everyone else know what she got to see or hear first hand.

She has watched baby alligators hatch, seen lasers work, watched artists paint and dancers practice, worn a “bunny suit” in a clean room, helped with a simulated flood model, talked with poet James Dickey, held a fuel cell membrane, hiked with Rudy Mancke, and, yes, even held a Madagascar cockroach named Whopper and has the photos to prove it! Now if you ask her boys what she does, the answer is much shorter: Mom draws all day on the computer and knows Cocky.

Kimberley met her husband while he was stationed at Shaw AFB. He has since left the service and graduated from USC. He is a huge USC fan and never wants her to leave this job because of the “benefits” package: husband-speak for football tickets. Kimberley has no plans on leaving. There are still people to meet and things to learn.