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Section A.2
University of South Carolina Safety Program Guide


All work-related injuries or illnesses must be properly reported in order to provide for prompt medical evaluation and treatment, to qualify for payment of medical expenses and wage replacement benefits, and to comply with state and federal regulations.

Scope and Application

An injury or illness is classified as work-related only if it arises out of and in the course of employment at the University of South Carolina or exacerbation of existing conditions from the workplace environment . Specific reporting requirements are mandated under the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Law and the Occupational Safety and Health Act, some of which are described below. Questions about whether an injury or illness is work-related or reportable should be directed to Occupational Health.

Individuals that do not have work-related injuries or illnesses but need special accommodation in their workplace may fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For further information, call the Department of Human Resources. While accidents involving outside contractors or other visitors to campus do not fall within the scope of this section, serious injuries to these individuals should be reported as soon as possible to the Office of Risk Management.

Program Description

Medical Evaluation and Treatment

For all emergencies call Campus Police at 777-9111. For non-emergencies, during normal business hours, individuals with work related injuries or illnesses should be referred to Thomson Student Health Center for evaluation, consultation, treatment, and/or referral. For any injury or illness after business hours, report to the Emergency Department at Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital.

For injuries that result from accidental contact with hazardous or toxic substances, also call the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at 777-5269.

Lost days from work due to a work-related injury or illness must be authorized by the treating physician, and a release to return to work is required. Compensation is coordinated through the Benefits Office.


Employees should notify their supervisor as soon as possible after the incident occurs, but should not delay treatment. The employee is required to complete the Employee Injury Report as soon as possible.

The supervisors must complete the Workers' Compensation Supervisor Report.

These forms must be properly completed in order to meet state reporting requirements, and to file a claim under Workers' Compensation. Forms can be obtained from the Benefits Office (777-6650).

OSHA Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements

The University is required by OSHA to maintain a log of work-related injuries and illnesses. OSHA has stringent reporting requirements and failure to report these accidents may result in penalties.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Require prompt reporting by workers of all work-related injuries or illnesses.
  • Ensure the proper completion of required reports.


  • Contact Campus Police (777-9111) when emergency medical attention is necessary.
  • Contact EHS (777-5269) immediately when a work-related accident results in death or hospitalization.
  • Contact EHS (777-5269) for injuries that result from accidental contact with hazardous or toxic substances.

Occupational Health Services

  • Review status of work restrictions and OSHA log 300.

Benefits Office

  • Manage the Workers' Compensation Program.
  • Maintain the OSHA Log 300 for occupational injuries or illnesses.


  • Report all work-related injuries and illnesses promptly to the supervisor.
  • Seek medical assistance at Thomson Student Health Center during the regular business hours, or the Emergency Department at Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital after hours.

For More Information

  • Contact the Workers' Compensation Coordinator at 777-6650 for additional information about the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Law.

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