How Noise Can Affect Your Health700.gif (166 bytes)

4.jpg (1013 bytes) Simply put, noise can damage your hearing!  Exposure to excessive noise raises your hearing threshold -- the degree of loudness at which you first begin to hear.

4.jpg (1013 bytes) There are two types of hearing loss:

4.jpg (1013 bytes) There are warning signs that may be indicative of permanent hearing loss, including:

4.jpg (1013 bytes)  There is NO CURE for hearing loss caused by noise.  Hearing aids do not restore noise-damaged hearing, although they may help most people.

4.jpg (1013 bytes) Inaddition to hearing loss, excessive noise exposure may contribute to mental and physical stress, certain illnesses, and accidents.

next.gif (419 bytes) Now, we will learn more about noise levels and their impact on our ability to hear.

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