The following are outtakes from the Fox Movietone News Collection at the University of South Carolina. You will need quicktime to view these clips.

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Theremin Concert
Fox Movietone News outtake

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Theodore Case
testing sound for Fox Movietone News

Fox Movietone outtake of sound test

Pelican Island, FL 1929

Phonographs entertain chickens
Petaluma, CA 1921


Miss Manila Martin and her pet squirrel


Moulin Rouge Rehearsals
Paris, France



Mr. Huling and the seal - Kingston, New York, March 11, 1929


Katherine Schmidt speaks about telephone operators and their contribution to modern life
February 26, 1929


San Francisco / Chinatown Telephone Exchange
November 30, 1928

Case Family testing microphones
Auburn, NY May 19, 1929

Dr. Ives of Bell Telephone's talk to SMPTE on the future of television
New York, NY 1928