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A photo ‘Passage’ to history and the future

By: Frenche` Brewer,, or 803-777-3691

A gallery talk and reception for Linda Foard Roberts, a North Carolina-based photographer, is set for 5-7 p.m. today, Jan. 24, in McMaster Gallery.

Roberts distinctive exhibit “Passage” is on display from now through Feb. 15.

“Passage” is a body of work that explores the transformations we make — from birth, through life, death and beyond. Roberts’ work examines this ongoing metamorphosis of the physical as well as spiritual. Her subtle use of symbolism is filled with personal meaning for her and the viewer.

“All of my work is inspired by Wabi Sabi, the Japanese word for finding beauty and acceptance in death. Through photographs of my family, landscapes and still lifes, my work weaves together our connection to nature and our surroundings. My work doesn't answer questions, but opens pathways for thought and discussion,” Roberts says.  

Roberts uses oval-shaped format prints which harken back to portrait photography of the 1800s, focusing the viewer on the history of the medium and the passage of centuries. By incorporating photographic traditions and drawing from her surroundings, Roberts addresses universal themes.

Roberts earned a master of fine arts degree from Arizona State University, and her work is in the permanent collections of Bank of America and the Mint museums in Charlotte. She is also the former executive director for The Light Factory Photographic Arts Center in Charlotte.




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