Columbia Medical Society Shadowing Program

The Columbia Medical Society, the USC Department of Pediatrics and Pre-Professional Advising have teamed up to present a new shadowing program for USC students who are planning to become physicians. This program will match a student with a physician in the Midlands for a minimum of five shadowing days, thereby giving the student a more comprehensive understanding of the medical profession.

The criteria you must meet to participate in the CMS Shadowing Program are:

Students must also complete:

Directions: Give yourself at least 20 minutes to view the presentation and take the test.

  1. The first step is to login to the site with your USC username and password
  2. You will then view the presentation and must pass the subsequent test
  3. After you pass the test, you should download the four necessary forms,
  4. Complete them, and
  5. Take them to Pre-Professional Advising, 208 Sumwalt College, where you will be paired with a physician

If you are ready to begin, login here with your University network username and password.

Student Login