1. Will SecureCarolina guarantee that the university will not be hacked and data will not be compromised?
    1. Unfortunately, no security system can guarantee 100% protection. The university takes data security seriously and the SecureCarolina project is working to greatly improve security and privacy measures system-wide.

  2. Does this mean I am not responsible for information security?
    1. No. Information security is the shared responsibility of each individual employee, regardless of role or job title.

  3. How long will it take to fully implement the program?
    1. It will several years to fully implement SecureCarolina . Work has already begun on the project and all goals will be implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  4. Will SecureCarolina change how I do work or research as a university student or employee?
    1. a. Potentially. As the university information security policy standards and procedures are reviewed and updated, they will be integrated into departmental processes, projects, systems and staffing.

  5. Will there be training?
    1. As part of this project, training and certification standards will be recommended for those people who administer or access university information assets.
    2. As part of this project, SecureCarolina will launch Securing the Human Awareness Training, targeting each full-time member of the university’s faculty and staff.
    3. Training will be provided for any new technologies, as applicable.

  6. How much will these initiatives cost?
    1. The SecureCarolina project has a budget of approximately $2 million.

  7. Why is this important?
    1. Reduce the risk of exposure of the sensitive data of university affiliates, including faculty, staff, students, patients, donorsand others.
    2. Reduce the financial and reputational risk to the university from sensitive data breaches.
    3. Reduce the risk of system compromises that potentially 1) interfere with the work of faculty, staff and students, 2) allow sensitive data exposure, and 3) facilitate unauthorized activity.  

  8. Where can I learn more about protecting myself?
    1. For additional security tips, visit here and see "Safe Computing" and "Security Videos."


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