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Course Description

LAWS 702 - Lega Aspects of Engineering

Class Session: Thursday, August 18, 2022 - Monday, December 12, 2022

Credit: 3 semester hours of credit


Term: Fall 2022

Course Description

This course is designed for students who are enrolled in the graduate program for a Master of Science with a Major in Engineering Management. The course will introduce students to various areas of law and legal principles that may impact their ability to be effective managers. The lectures in the course will focus on a variety of topics, including: labor and employment law, business corporations, agency and partnership, contracts, intellectual property, administrative law, and environmental law. The goal of this class is to give the student a greater understanding of the law and help the student become more aware of legal issues that may affect them or their company in their future. In addition, another benefit of this class is exposing the student to higher level legal, political, and governmental issues and case studies that will be involved in shaping the future of the student's career, their company, and their industry.Form of Grade: Letter.Prerequisites: None.


LW - School of Law





Instructional Method

50% or More Two-Way AV




COLLEGEIEN - College of Engr & Computing
LEVELIGR - Graduate

Information is accurate as of February 5, 2023 (Subject to change)

Special Fee Notification

Students may be required to be proctored during online test completion. If students are unable to attend test proctoring sessions in person at the Distributed Learning office, additional fees may apply for online test proctoring if the course requires online testing.

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