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College of Arts and Sciences

Message from the Dean

The College of Arts and Sciences is both the cornerstone and the capstone of the University of South Carolina. It has a proud tradition of bringing together individuals from all over the world and across diverse disciplines into one vibrant community. It is where people learn to think, communicate, solve problems, work collaboratively, create and inspire. It is where scholars bring the wisdom of the ages to emerging pedagogical, intellectual, performance and research frontiers.

My primary goal as dean is to encourage our college’s ongoing pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, research and scholarship, and public service. Creativity, collaboration and innovation in all of these areas are essential to the college’s academic mission as well as to its continued relevance and competitiveness.

Our diverse academic disciplines provide the broad knowledge and skills that will allow students and alumni to adapt successfully to a globalizing world. The college stands for the values of a liberal arts education, including critical inquiry, disciplined thinking, scientific investigation, broadened horizons, collaborative effort, and refined judgment. A liberal arts education prepares individuals to face an increasingly complex, diverse and changing world with open, nimble minds along with expansive, humane sympathies. In short, it prepares our students to be informed, engaged citizens and leaders, wherever they may reside.

As a college, we must redouble our efforts to communicate the proven value of our disciplines and degrees, both to the university community and the world beyond our campus. We must convince others of what members of this college already know full well — that the work we do can make the world a better, healthier, more prosperous and more inspiring place to live. We must continue our longstanding tradition of creating knowledge and providing expertise that will not only help solve pressing problems but also enhance the quality of life among the people we serve as the heart of a state flagship university.


Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.