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Department of Anthropology

Anthropology Courses

All Possible Undergraduate Courses Taught by the Department

All Possible Graduate Courses Taught by the Department

Not certain which Anthropology course counts towards the Biological Requirement or the Linguistic Requirement, etc.? Check by each subfield below! The course descriptions are written by the professor who will be teaching that specific course each semester!

To see all of the USC course offerings for Spring 2020, please go to Self Service Carolina 

 Anthropology Course Booklets are at the bottom of this page.

 Summer 2020 Anthropology Courses: 

 (If Subfields, CORE, Overlay, and/or GLD  designations are not listed, then the Anthropology Department is not offering those in the current semester.)   

                 Listed by Subfield and Major Requirement: 

                                                                                                      DURT Track
                 Listed by CORE and Overlay Requirements: 

                 Graduation with Leadership Distinction:

                                                                                                     Global Learning


Undergraduate Handbook:

Summer 2020 Undergraduate Courses
Spring 2020 Undergraduate Courses
Fall 2019 Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Handbook:

2019-2020 Graduate Handbook


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