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Department of Anthropology


Spring 2022


ANTH 561.001 / Human Osteology

TR / 10:05 – 11:20 / Hamilton 142

LAB: W / 10:00 – 11:30 / Hamilton 142

Professor: Carlina de la Cova

(3 credits)

Fulfills the Biological Requirement for the Anthropology Major


Fulfills the 500-level(s) requirement(s) for the Major or for DURT (Lab) 


Elective for Medical Anthropology Minor

Course Readings:

Please go to the USC Bookstore to find what books you will need for this course: 1&storeId=10052

Course Description:

This course provides an intensive, hands-on and active learning introduction to the identification of human skeletal remains. Throughout the course of the semester students will learn: 1) how to identify skeletal elements, both whole and fragmentary; 2) how to estimate age, sex, ancestry, and stature of an individual; 3) how to distinguish between human and non-human remains; 4) how to reconstruct populations, particularly in terms of diet and disease; and 5) real world applications of human osteology.

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