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Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Kristen Hogan awarded a UofSC Center for Teaching Excellence 2022 Innovative Pedagogy grant

The Innovative Pedagogy grants invest in the continuous quality improvement of courses taught by faculty who provide students with exemplary and highly engaging courses, offered either in an online, blended, or traditional format. Grants provide funding support (up to $2,500), instructional design assistance, pedagogical resources, and technological support to faculty.

Dr. Kristen Hogan, Instructional faculty in our Department, received an Innovative Pedagogy grant of $2,500 for developing a new  course called Infectious Disease, Human Health, and Ethics (BIOL 202). The course is aimed towards non-majors and fulfills SCI and VSR Carolina Core requirements. Thanks to her new funding, Dr. Hogan is working on adding three activities to the course: 

  • Then and Now Simulation: students will go beyond the understanding of the infectious disease and the surrounding events, and will gain perspective and generate discussion with one another to reflect on injustices. 
  • Virtual Reality: students will be immersed in the patient’s response to infection and visualize the events surround pathogenic infections.
  • Mind Mapping: students will construct their own model to represent the infectious disease progression through a patient. This activity will simulate infection and allow students to connect several components of infection, including initial infection, immune response, symptoms, and treatment.

Dr. Hogan's Innovative Pedagogy grant will allow th purchase of virtual reality head sets and large standing white boards for students to work in groups to mind map the infectious disease. In addition, funds will provide support for two graduate students ($500 each) to help develop presentations and built in activities. Congrats Kristen!

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