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College of Arts and Sciences

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What We Fund

The AJI believes that the best collaborations begin when individuals enjoy one another. AJI sponsors approximately six faculty-student or faculty-faculty meals every month from August-April.

Groups can range from 2 to 6 people. Details can be found under Call for Applications, "Meet and Eat"

The AJI also holds social events that are advertised on our homepage under Current Programming.

Regular reading groups are an excellent way to build community. The AJI currently supports the History of Science, Technology, and Engineering (HoSTE) reading group. Details can be found under Call for Applications, "Reading Group Funding"

The AJI supports lectures and public talks that bring diversity to UofSC or build community.

The AJI supports conference, symposia and professional meetings on themes within science, technology and society.

The AJI supports interdisciplinary community building by funding professional meetings and workshops.

The AJI recognizes that South Carolina faculty often put in extensive time and energy mentoring undergraduates. We will offer up to $10,000 in research funds to faculty working with a Magellan scholar who is in a discipline different from the faculty member's home discipline.

No additional application necessary, simply check the appropriate box on the regular Magellan application form. Magellan Faculty Fellows will be selected from funded Magellan projects that address STS themes.

Funding for graduate students to travel to cross-disciplinary conferences is often hard to source. Moreover, the price to attend a scientific conference may be outside the budget of many humanist departments. The AJI offers, on a competitive basis, travel grants to graduate students in the humanities who wish to attend a scientific/social scientific/engineering conference. We also off travel grants to graduate students in the sciences/social sciences/engineering who wish to attend a humanities conference. Details can be found under Call for Applications, "Graduate Travel Grant"

Book manuscript workshop are targeted towards individuals at any career stage who have not previously published a monograph. The successful applicant will have a first-time book manuscript near completion at the time of applying. He or she will invite, and the AJI will fund, up to three senior experts in the author’s field as well as an acquisitions editor from a major scholarly press to campus. A small group of relevant experts within the South Carolina community may also attend.

The purpose of this workshop is to support stronger and more rigorous manuscripts from first-time STS authors. Equally, it is geared toward developing communities of colleagues from different disciplines and geographical locations. The AJI is committed to building such communities from the bottom up, seeding them and positioning them to question and reframe complex problems. The AJI takes a broad approach to STS, envisioning it in partnership with historical, philosophical, scientific, engineering and medical approaches, because at the AJI community is the method. Details can be found under Call for Applications, "One-Day Book Manuscript Workshop"

The modern university is one of humankind’s most astonishing achievements: a city populated by highly trained experts with extraordinary resources for advancing human understanding in every domain of knowledge. However, university research is frequently too technical to be accessible to the general public and there are often disincentives for researchers to work outside of their specialist communities.

The AJI seeks to help overcome the divide between UofSC and our surrounding community. Every two years we award a grant (which can include, but is not limited to teaching release, GA support, research funds, workshop or conference money) to support projects that involve public engagement or that apply research for the public good. For example, faculty in public health researching plant-based diets host a diet clinic including nutritional workshops and cooking classes to the public, partnering with local restaurants and students from USC’s Ethics of Food course. Or faculty researching urban planning could work with city officials and neighborhood associations to develop recommendations to reduce excessive drinking in Five Points. You can read about our first UofSC + Columbia project here.

Over Parents Weekend, the AJI presents a Science, Technology & Society (STS) Fair for the families and students at UofSC. The STS Fair offers a series of events where students and their families can learn about science, technology and society from the UofSC faculty. Previous events included:

  • Ethical Food at UofSC With Matt Kisner (Department of Philosophy)
  • Geology Field Trip with Dave Barbeau (School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment)
  • Anthropology Forensic Osteology Open Lab with Carlina de la Cova (Department of Anthropology)
  • McKissick Museum Tour with Chris Cicimurri (Curator of Natural Science, McKissick Museum and School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment)
  • Brunch with Leah McClimans (Department of Philosophy) and Allison Marsh (Department of History)
  • This Glorious Machine: Illustrating Technology from the Early Modern Period to the Present with Michael Weisenburg (The Irvin Department of Rare Books & Special Collections, University Libraries)
  • The Science and Culture of Frankenstein with Jeanne Britton (Irvin Department of Rare Books & Special Collections, University Libraries and Department of English Language and Literature)

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