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Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Spanish Study Abroad Advisement

Minors should be advised by their major academic advisor even for study abroad decisions. Use the information below to select courses and fill out the Study Abroad Approval Form.  

 Half of the major or minor must be completed on campus.    

How do I decide where to study abroad? 

  • Follow the checklist on the Study Abroad  website.  
  • Meet with your advisor to map out a year, semester or summer you can be away from campus.  
  • Visit Study Abroad in the Close-Hipp Building where you can research programs and financial aid.  
  • Meet with former students, read blogs online, and go to study abroad fairs.  

 Many study abroad locations offer a wide variety of coursework in English and Spanish to allow all types of majors to stay on track for graduation all while improving language skills and gaining cultural awareness in an immersive setting. Consider how you might fulfill Carolina Core credit, as well.  

If you prefer study abroad in the summer, consider our two USC Spanish Global Classroom Programs to Spain and Ecuador. These are well-established programs with a faculty advisor from campus whom you may already know from your classes!    

Cádiz, Spain (June 2019) - ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW! Contact Prof. Jorge Camacho  

Quito, Ecuador (July 2019) - ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW! Contact Prof. Leah Lindsey  

Can I skip a language/grammar course in the sequence because I studied abroad?  

Students wishing to skip a level on campus due to study abroad should take the Phase 2 Placement test upon return in order to get an updated placement score. Otherwise, students should enroll in the next course in the USC SPAN sequence, and credit from abroad should be used as MAJOR ELECTIVE or Carolina Core credit.  

What courses should I take when I go abroad?  

It's actually very easy to get a wide variety of credit while studying abroad. You can even take basic-level language courses at some locations to fulfill Carolina Core GLF credit! Courses in the chart below that may count for Major or Minor credit are listed as SPAN 00#T. Notice that all eligible courses treat the areas of LANGUAGE, LITERATURE, LINGUISTICS and CULTURE. Students may count a maximum of 6 hours of intermediate credit toward the minor, and any credit toward the major should include be at the "Advanced" level in the study abroad program's progression. 

Courses taken for General Education requirements may be taken in English. For the major or minor, the preferred language of instruction is Spanish. One course taken in English treating the topics described below may be applied to the major or minor.  



Course Description  

Possible USC Requirement Met  

(Advanced) Civilization/Society/Cultures  

SPAN 004T or GSS Social Science  

(Advanced) Hispanic Literatures  

SPAN 003T or AIU Literature  

(Advanced) Cinema  

SPAN 003T or AIU Humanities  

(Advanced) Civilization  

SPAN 003T or GSS Social Science  

(Advanced) Hispanic Linguistics/Translation  

SPAN 003T or GSS Social Science  

(Advanced) Language /Conversation/ Grammar  

SPAN 003T or AIU Humanities  

(Intermediate) Any SPAN course   

SPAN 002T or AIU Humanities  

(Basic) Language/Conversation/Grammar  

GFL -Take placement test to verify proficiency goals are met  

Art or Art History, Dance, Music, Film  

AIU Fine art  

Women in Society/Gender Studies/Sociology  

GSS Social Sciences  

Local or Regional History  

GHS Non-US History  


To declare a Spanish Minor, visit the Dean's Office in Flinn Hall, Suite 110.

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