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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

  • Erin Meyer-Gutbrod

New Faculty Spotlight - Erin Meyer-Gutbrod

Dr. Erin Meyer-Gutbrod is a new Assistant Professor in the SEOE

She is interested in quantitative marine ecology, especially the intersection of ecosystem function and environmental change stemming from anthropogenic impacts. Her research focuses on systems that contain ecologically threatened or economically valuable species.

Currently, Dr. Meyer-Gutbrod is investigating the impacts of climate change on the distribution, foraging success and reproduction of the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. Understanding and predicting right whale movements and population changes are valuable for informing maritime policies that protect these animals from ship strikes and fishing gear entanglement. Dr. Meyer-Gutbrod is also investigating the productivity and taxonomic composition of artificial reef communities that have emerged beneath California offshore oil and gas platforms. This work is vital for informing the creation,management and removal of offshore infrastructure and its impacts on regional marine ecosystems. As a teacher and mentor, Dr. Meyer-Gutbrod plans to train undergraduate and graduate students in programming and data science skills to facilitate independent student research.

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