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College of Arts and Sciences


Are you wondering what you can do with a degree in the arts and sciences? The answer is, take your pick! Our alumni work around the globe in positions ranging from CEOs and scientists to government leaders and film directors. The College of Arts and Sciences is home to 48 majors spanning the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and math. We prepare you for success both in and after college, providing an education that will serve you well no matter what major or career you choose. 

What Employers Want

The broad skills and habits of mind instilled through an arts and science education go beyond disciplinary knowledge and technical know-how. In a fast-changing and rapidly automating economy, employers want employees who can do what robots, machines, and computers cannot: communicate effectively, think deeply, and solve problems creatively.

We prepare you for future success by cultivating critical inquiry, disciplined thinking, effective communication, creativity, teamwork, and refined judgement.In a world where boundless information is held within our smartphones, employers want employees who can communicate effectively, think deeply and solve problems. 

Majoring in the arts and sciences will provide you with the broad training, adaptability, and love of learning that leads to both a fulfilling career and a meaningful life.

Beyond the Classroom

We know you crave hands-on learning opportunities that enable you to explore academic interests deeply and try out possible careers. Our college is aggressively increasing internships, study aboard and undergraduate research opportunities to meet your needs and prepare you for a succcessful life after college.


We encourage all our students to begin thinking about their career choices as early as freshman year. Our college has a staff member who is exclusively dedicated to finding internship and scholarship opportunities for you.

The university’s Career Center empowers students to develop lifelong career management skills. Conveniently located in the Thomas Cooper Library, the center has two career counselors dedicated to College of Arts and Sciences students. Holly Johnson and Taylor Pentz  will help you: 

  • explore career options
  • write resumes
  • practice for interviews
  • find summer and full-time employment

From the Experts

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