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College of Arts and Sciences

Students and faculty represent their departments outside the Columbia State House.

USC Connect

Your education is about more than listening to lectures, studying and taking tests. Students often learn the most valuable lessons outside the classroom. USC Connect is a great way to connect your studies to experience.

Your Path to Success

Each year, you'll learn more and get more out of your education with USC Connect.

Choosing your experiences, then sharing them, can ultimately lead to Graduation with Leadership Distinction, as well as a more well-rounded education and advantages when it's time to apply to graduate school or start your career.

Choose the best experiences

Engage more deeply and document your involvement

  • Attend welcome back events to re-engage with campus
  • Engage in fewer types of experiences so that you can dig deeper
  • Attend workshops to learn about funding opportunities (study abroad, internships, research)
  • Document what you are doing in class and beyond by uploading pictures, videos, papers and presentations (Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud)

 Reflect. Share. Adapt.

  • As you continue to be engaged and document your work, think carefully about what you have been doing and why it is important to you
    • What has been most valuable?
    • How do your activities relate to your future goals?
  • Take opportunities to lead in your areas of interest
  • Meet with a coach in the Career Center
  • Visit Discover USC to see what others are presenting
  • Complete the orientation for Graduation with Leadership Distinction and think about how you can fit UNIV 401 or a similar seminar into your senior year

 Plan your future

  • Learn to tell your story.  Be ready for job interviews and graduate school applications
  • Take UNIV 401 (or major specific seminar) to help you articulate how your educational experiences have prepared you for the future
  • Participate in a Mock Interview in the Career Center
  • Present at Discover USC
  • Complete requirements for Graduation with Leadership Distinction