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Bullying – a Reverse Poem

By Amber Pospistle

I am a waste of space and oxygen 
I do not believe that  
I am special and unique 
It is not a surprise 
I believe that I am wanted 
Is a lie 
I am not normal 
I believe that  
Is more important than 
I am a piece of trash 
I don’t believe 
I am important 
I will never be loved 
No longer will I believe  
I am going to make someone’s day brighter everyday 
I know that  
I will not make a difference 
It is foolish to presume that 
I can change the world  
And this may be true unless we reverse it  
* NOTE: now read from the second to last line up to the top (in other words, read up) * 

This poem was published as part of UniVERSE: UofSC Poetry Initiative. Share your own poem here!

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