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College of Arts and Sciences

His Eyes

By: Colette Townsend-Chambers

He rushed at us with wild abandon, excitedly coming through the gate 
We did not know his greeting was a greeting no longer 
The force at which he struck was like a freight train 
Down,down,down I went into a never-ending spiral  
We locked eyes, all the while jaws-like a vice, 
clenched teeth held on to my sweet pup,  
I could hear her heartbeat through her chest, as she cried in bewilderment 
On my knees, there we were, eyeball to eyeball, 
mine set with a determination that he would not win 
His eyes were deep pools of grey with a dark and sullied past 
He glanced over to me as if to say- now it will be your turn,  
And I found the strength to jump up, in the nick of time. 

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