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College of Arts and Sciences

Love's Labor Love Letter

By Blake Bolen

hey there beautiful 
my work’s done for today 
and I’m laying in bed 
let me tell you 
what I’m wearing 
a baseball cap and socks 
overpriced overalls and boots 
and a burning desire 
to be a convenient person used 
to run the conventional world 
a brand new wrinkle free t-shirt 
that reeks of hangover sweat 
that’s a double x lie 
that can’t think for itself 
I wish I wasn’t wearing underwear 
I can’t take the pain 
I have to wear them for them 
I can’t see myself without them 
I can’t see myself at all 
I haven’t for many years 
I’m not wearing anything 
that doesn’t make me unique 
that makes me stand out 
that makes me one in a million 
that doesn’t please the new gods 
who rule over industrial society 
who own everyone therein 
who own everything 
what is mine 
is theirs 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.