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College of Arts and Sciences

My Crime is Existence

By: Blake Bolen

I was framed for stealing fire. 
This is not my cross to bear. 
These chains are not mine; 
they bind my innocence. 
The gods don’t know, 
but they also don’t care - 
as long as someone feeds 
their goddamn eagle: 
“Hey, you got the wrong liver.” 
This uncrime was formed 
by the necessity 
of human existence. 
I was framed by your need 
to live, to be. 
This fire is not mine; 
This fire is ours to burn. 
It belongs to each and every 
one of us. It belongs, 
it belongs to us all. 
I feed this goddamn bird, 
I’m bound to this goddamn stone 
for eternity, 
for you. 

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