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College of Arts and Sciences

Post-pandemic Traffic

By Bryan Gentry

The famine came to a close. 
The serpent, stuffed, overflowed, 
engorged til its arteries 
slowed quickly to a freeze. 
The pandemic only paused, 
but the city opened jaws 
and swallowed us all again 
til it choked on forgotten din. 
The road backed up as two cars  
found their Carolina Cards 
would not open Senate's gate. 
The rest of us would have to wait. 
Two cars pulled off to the side, 
bent fender and battered pride; 
A truck churning concrete stalled 
As foremen pushed a dead car. 
A city’s not like a snake, 
which can eat its weight, then wait 
more than a week before it eats. 
Tomorrow, we will repeat. 

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