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Global Studies

  • A student poses with a group during a trip abroad.


The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies aims to foster in students a critical, global outlook that will allow them to engage with pressing global questions and to thrive in an interconnected world.

Degree Components

The Global Studies degree has four main components. Together, these four components prepare students for careers where an understanding of urgent global issues is required, and where an ability to work with people from a variety of cultures is indispensable. 

These four components are:

  1. A focus on major global issues, addressing four major themes:
    • Global Health
    • Global Conflict and Security
    • Global Sustainability and Development
    • Global Cultures
  2. Deep understanding of a world region, and the cultures, social practices, and current challenges in that region:
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • Latin America
    • Middle East and North Africa
    • Russia and Eurasia
  3. Proficiency in a foreign language, allowing students to study, work, travel and/or conduct research outside of the US
  4. Integrated opportunities for study abroad, to build regional and cultural awareness and enhance language acquisition


The courses offered as part of the Global Studies degree are housed across many different departments, from Political Science to Women and Gender Studies. We've created an overview of the types of courses offered, so you can get a sense of just how interdisciplinary the Global Studies degree is.


The Global Studies degree also houses minor degrees in the six world regions listed above. These minors are coordinated through the Walker Institute, and may be pursued by students in any field.


Career Connections

In our global economy, more employers than ever before are seeking graduates with international perspectives. Our graduates excel in careers where knowledge of other cultures, language facility and travel experiences are indispensable

Global Studies

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