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Department of History

Fields of Study

Students entering the Public History Program will choose either historic preservation or museums and material culture as their major field of study.

The Master of Arts in Public History degree requires students to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours.  Twelve (12) credit hours are in their major field of concentration, historic preservation or museums.  Another 12 credit hours will comprise each student’s minor field, usually in American history.  All students take a gateway course for history graduate students in their first semester (3 credit hours) and write a thesis (3 credit hours), usually in their final semester.

In addition to completing this coursework and writing and defending a thesis, each student is required to complete an internship and present a professional portfolio.  Competence in a foreign language is also required, although students may substitute completion of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) course or a web development course with the approval of their faculty advisor. 

Graduate assistantships offer an additional opportunity for public history experience.