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Bilinski Dissertation Fellowship Application

Each Russell J. and Dorothy S. Bilinski Fellowship is worth $30,000; a modest stipend of $1,250 will also be provided to each fellow to support dissertation research and completion. Students enrolled in any of the College’s Doctor of Philosophy programs in the humanities and social sciences may be nominated. Students must be admitted to candidacy in their degree program, have passed comprehensive exams, and have received approval of their dissertation proposal. They must also meet additional criteria related to citizenship and financial need. Fellowships are for 2018-2019 and are not renewable. Please see Dean Lacy Ford's Memorandum Call for Nominations, and the Russell J. and Dorothy S. Bilinski Dissertation Fellowships Administrative Guidelines for instructions and eligibility requirements.

The Russell J. and Dorothy S. Bilinski Fellowships will be awarded by a competitive process and there is a two-stage evaluation process. Nominations forwarded to the College for the second stage of review must be made by the department chair or program director offering the degree program. A full description of the two-stage evaluation process is included in the Administrative Guidelines.

Nominations selected by units for submission to the College must include the following:

(All of the forms are PDF's.  ***They may not display properly in your browser.***  Right Click on them, save them, and open them with Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

  1. Student’s Bilinski Fellowship Application Cover Sheet with the student’s full name, contact information, program information, dissertation abstract, student’s and graduate director’s signatures. By signing this form, the director of graduate studies certifies that the applicant has advanced to candidacy, passed all comprehensive exams, and successfully defended a dissertation proposal prior to the application deadline. This form can be filled out using Adobe, but must be printed and submitted in hard copy.
  2. Student’s Fellowship Financial Disclosure Form. This form can be filled out using Adobe, but must be printed and submitted in hard copy.
  3. Student’s statement of professional goals (maximum one page, double spaced.)
  4. Student’s proposal describing the dissertation that includes the following sections: proposal narrative (2-3 pages, double spaced) and a timetable for completion (maximum one page, double spaced.)
  5. Student’s curriculum vitae containing information on previous education, teaching and research experience, professional publications, and awards or honors.
  6. Letter of recommendation from the student’s dissertation chair addressing the significance of the dissertation topic and the nominee’s ability to complete the dissertation in the time period allowed by the fellowship.
  7. Bilinski Fellow’s Agreement on Use of Fellowship Funds signed by the student. This form can be filled out using Adobe, but must be printed and submitted in hard copy.
  8. All nominees selected by units to move forward to the Office of the Dean must complete an online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) filed no later than March 14, 2018.