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Jewish Studies Program

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Study Abroad

Each year, hundreds of USC students travel the globe to participate in study, intern, service, and research abroad opportunities for a summer, semester, or academic year.

USC's Study Abroad Office

USC's Study Abroad Office works to guide students through the education abroad process by providing quality advising and outstanding programs. Faculty and staff are committed to making diverse and meaningful international education opportunities available to all USC students, regardless of academic, personal, or financial background. With the support of faculty, staff and partners from across the Carolina community, international education is forging the next generation of global citizens at the University of South Carolina. 

As a result of their overseas experiences these students have a better understanding of their academic discipline within an international context, develop a greater appreciation for other cultures, and are able to approach life with a higher degree of independence and self-confidence.

Jewish Connections Abroad

  • Rothberg International School at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The Rothberg International School offers courses with instruction in English, as well as placements for academic internships in a variety of areas and special courses (e.g., Art Jerusalem, Dance Jerusalem, Jerusalem Sounds, Arabic Immersion, and Quantitative Biology). One of the special programs currently being offered is Dynamics of the Middle East (DOME). DOME provides an interdisciplinary approach with courses in society, culture and politics of the Middle East. Following an institute for the study of Hebrew (the Winter Ulpan), students take a core course in Middle Eastern studies and a thematic, interdisciplinary seminar culminating in a two-day field trip/retreat. Students can attend the Rothberg International School for a semester, academic year, or summer term. 
  • Tel Aviv University. Students are able to take a variety of exciting courses taught in English while immersing themselves into the Israeli culture.  Whether you are interested in a semester, year, summer or full degree abroad, TAU has the program for you! Learn a language, advance your career with an internship or research position, take unique courses all while embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle. Students can live in on campus housing, which are suite-style dorms with a kitchen and bathroom. Madrichim (counselors) will organize social activities in Tel Aviv as well as weekend trips throughout all of Israel to help students experience all that Israel has to offer. All students can combine their semester abroad with an internship or science research to get international experience in the career field of their choice. Whichever program is right for you, the sunny beaches of Tel Aviv await you!

The following list gives details about the current Global Partner Programs sponsored by the University of South Carolina's Study Abroad Office.

1. The School of Russian & Asian Studies (SRAS): Security & Society
The semester offering focuses on Security and Society in the Information Age. We examine current issues such cybersecurity, information warfare, and how new and social media are changing the face of modern democracies. The Summer School session takes a broad but intensive approach looking at traditional and contemporary security issues. These range from maintaining international partnerships to developing domestic criminal justice and healthy ecological, demographic, entrepreneurial, and civic environments. Both semester and summer sessions offer a look at a case-study of one of the worst security failures of modern history: the Holocaust.
2. The School of Russian & Asian Studies (SRAS): Jewish Studies in Poland, Warsaw, Poland (Part of the Security & Society Program above)
This program is open to anyone interested in studying the history of the European Jews and the current status of the Israeli state in the world. It should be of special interest to anyone seeking to understand the history of WWII and Communism, how state policy can help or hinder social tolerance, or in learning more about the Yiddish or Polish languages.
3. University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC): Prague/Czech Republic, Summer, Semester & Year Programs
4. University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC): Haifa, Israel,  Summer, Semester & Year Programs

USC’s international business exchange program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Business Administration is designed to expose American students to Israeli life, culture and international business practices. The program is located in Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea.

The exchange program through Hebrew University offers a diverse array of courses within the Jerusalem School of Business Administration. This exchange program is limited to students majoring in International Business from the Moore School of Business.

Sample courses include, but are not limited to, the following (will vary by semester):
Start Ups and Innovation: The Israeli Model
Breakthrough Technologies: Shaping the Future
Israel's Economy in the Global Context
Silicon Wadi Global Entrepreneurship in a Middle Eastern Economy
Advertising: Psychological & Marketing Perspectives in Israel & Abroad

Travel Funding

The USC Jewish Studies Program offers study abroad/research travel grants of up to $2500 (funded in part by the Henry and Sylvia Yaschik Foundation) for student study abroad and research travel to Israel.

Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply for this grant. Undergraduate students would be expected to use the grant for a semester or year of study in Israel. Graduate students would be expected to use these funds for graduate study or to conduct research in Israel. 

For more information, review the grant specifications on the Study Abroad website.

Travel Grant Recipients' Blog Posts

Alexandria Caputo attended the Galilee International Management Institute located in Nahalal, Israel in the winter of 2015. Nahalal is a Moshav village--an agricultural community made up of a collective of individually-owned farms. Read the chronicle of her journey [pdf].

Lindsay Cooper used the travel grant to attend the same institute as Alexandria, but in Summer 2016. The collection of her blog posts [pdf] details her experiences.

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