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Linguistics Program

Cocky Talk Dictionary

5eva  Adverb
for a long time; an emphasized version of "forever" (often used jokingly), more commonly a term used in internet speech
I love you 5eva!

a-hot-mess  Adjective
A phrase used to describe someone who looks very disoriented in nature or fashion. 
Related words: a mess
Damn she looked a hot mess last night.

ace  Verb
to succeed, to pass
I aced that test.

ace  Adjective
Excellent, great, number one
I'm the ace boon coon.

acting new  Phrase
acting like a different person towards a friend, Can be use for amusement or in a serious manner.
Ever since you made the dance team you have been acting new.

adorbs  Adjective
Totes adorbs

aight  Interjection
Alternate spelling: A'ight, 'Aight; Pronunciation: ah-aite
Cool, Okay
Related words: Alright, Alrighty
Aight, that sounds good.

aight  Adjective
Alternate spelling: A'ight, 'Aight; Pronunciation: ah-aite
Cool, Okay
Related words: Alright, Alrighty
You aight?

ain't   Adverb
Alternate spelling: A'int
Am not, Did not, No, etc
Related words: Is not, Isn't, Am not
I ain't studying

all good  Phrase
Alternate spelling: all gud
everything is okay, no worries
Related words: Gucci
Man just chill, it's all good

allnighter  Noun
Alternate spelling: all-nighter
stay up studying all night
I had to pull an all-nighter to get that paper finished.

awk  Adjective
Used to describe an awkward situation
Word Formation: shortening of "awkward"
Those parkour guys live in an awk world

aye  Interjection
To beckon someone or gain their attention
Aye, come here I have to tell you something.

b-ball  Noun 
Alternate spelling: Bball, B ball
Word Formation: Clipping
Related words: Basketball, Hoops
I'm probably playing some b-ball tonight

B-T-Dubs  Phrase
by the way
Btdubs, I'm going to be late tonight.

BA  Noun
Nickname for the Close/Hipp building, home of the business school
Word Formation: alphabetism of Business Administration building
I'm in class in the BA all day.

bad   Adjective
Good looking 
Man that woman that walked passed was bad

badass  Adjective
Awesome; cool
I can call anyone out because I'm badass

bail   Verb
To leave or cancel plans early
We had plans and then he bailed.

baked  Adjective
Related words: blaze, lit, toasted
We got baked last night.

baller  Noun
someone who is very cool
Since he has all the new gear we asumed he was the new baller.

ballin  Adjective
Describing someone as a big spender, wealthy
You have the new iPhone already, you must be ballin.

ballin  Adjective
another word for "cool" or "awesome"
The new Call of Duty game is ballin.

balls  Adjective
negative evaluation (can be used as an interjection), euphemism for “shit”
That meatloaf is balls.

bam  Noun
to win
We're so gonna bam this weekend at Alabama.

bang bang  Interjection
to make a shot in basketball, Like the way a gun sounds when it is fired
*makes basket* "Bang bang!"

bangin'  Interjection
That show was bangin' last night.

bangin'  Adjective
very attractive (usually used for females)
My partner in chem lab is bangin'.

basted   Adjective
Drunk and high
I got really basted last weekend.

beast  Adjective
Really good at something.
My roommate is a beast at calculus.

beast  Verb
to excel or succeed in something
Related words: beat, owned, destroyed, tore up
I beasted that midterm.

bestie  Noun
Term for a close friend
What's up bestie?

betch  Noun
more affectionate form of "bitch", mostly used by females
Hey there betch.

Bible  Noun
Truth; Definitly; "I swear", popularized on show "Keeping up with the Kardashian"

Biblethumper  Noun
Religious person who is trying to convert others to his or her religion., First syllable emphasized and said in critical tone of voice.
That biblethumper was handing out bibles again on campus today

Billy Brice  Noun
nickname for Williams-Brice Stadium,  USC's football stadium located 2miles off of campus
Related words: Williams-Brice
Those Cocks showed out at Billy Brice last Saturday

bird  Noun
A term used by a male to refer to or address a female, Pretty much exclusively used by males
Related words: Chick, babe, shawty
I bird watch at work to pass the time

bitchin  Adjective
Really cool or awesome

black ball  Verb
to block someone from joining a sorority due to unfavorable traits, used mostly by sorority members

blaze  Verb
to smoke marijuana, most likely used by someone who smokes fairly regularly
let's blaze, bro

bless it  Interjection
expression of amazement

bloop  Verb
Adds emphasis for smart comments

blow  Verb
to be a negative situation
This blows.

blow (my mind)  Verb
to shock; referring something that is hard to believe
You just blew my mind.

blow up  Verb
to text or call inessantly
He's been blowing my phone up.

blown  Adjective
I'm so blown that I didn't receive a good grade on my final.

bo  Noun
Alternate spelling: boh
used to address someone; a male friend, Used mostly by students from the south
What's going on bo?

boi stop dat fool  Interjection
Shut up, you sound crazy, Used mostly by students from the south
Did you just hear him? Boi stop dat fool you're killing me

bomb  Adjective
Alternate spelling: B.O.M.B
Really good
Related words: Cool, Awesome, Good, Bad, 
The new Call of Duty game is the bomb.

bomb   Verb
Alternate spelling: bombed
to be be unsuccessful; to fail
I bombed the final exam.

bomo  Noun
a hookup that takes place during a night of partying; the night isn't remembered (blackout)
Word Formation: shortening of the phrase "blackout makeout"
Last night at that party I had a bomo.

bonus  Interjection
a positive evaluation; such as being excited about a new opportunity
Class was cancelled this morning. Bonus!

booty  Adjective
used as a negative evaluation
Word Formation: euphemism for "ass"
If you don't register for classes early, your schedule's going to be booty.

booze  Noun
A reference to any alcoholic beverage, usually beer
Let's go get some booze.

boss  Noun
An awesome and impressive person; If someone did something well they are referred to as a "boss"
She did it like a boss.

BRB  Phrase
Another way to say be right back , Often used online or in text
Gotta go to the bathroom BRB.

brick  Adjective
Extremley Cold
It's brick outside today.

bro  Noun
A preppy person who typically parties a lot (often used amongst members of a fraternity), often the users are members of a fraternity
Word Formation: Clipping of the word "brother"
"How are you feeling after that party last night bro?"

bro  Noun
a close male friend, used by males
Related words: bro dog, broski, bruh, brut
What's up, bro dog?

bro-code  Noun
a set of unwritten laws recognized by males that they uphold themselves to
You can't hook up with my ex due, that's a total violation of the bro-code

brolic  Adjective
I've been at the gym all week, I'm getting brolic.

bromance  Noun
a close friendship between two guys
Word Formation: blending of the words "brother" and "romance"
Mark and Tommy's bromance began last semester when they took the same chemistry class.

broski  Noun
address term for a male friend, used by males
Related words: bro, bruh, brut
How's it going broski?

bruh  Noun
address term for a male friend, typicall used by males
Related words: bro, broski, brut
What up bruh?

brut  Noun
Pronunciation: rhymes with "rut"
address term for a friend, typically used by African American females
Related words: bro, broski, bruh
What's happenin' brut?

bud  Noun
I ain't smoked in a minute, you got any bud?

buddy  Noun
a friend or pal
Hey buddy what's going on?

bull  Noun
something that is bad, unfair, or untrue
Word Formation: shortening of "bullshit"
That's such bull.

bum  Verb
to borrow something with the understanding that it may not be returned
Word Formation: functional shift
Can I bum a cig?

bummy  Adjective
not putting forth effort into your appearance
Related words: sloppy
I’m looking bummy today, I just don’t care.

burn  Verb
to smoke weed
Word Formation: Functional Shift
Related words: blaze, smoke, burning, toast
Chris tried to jump two cars on his bike and fell. Burn!

burn  Interjection
used to express when someone has gotten hurt by doing something stupid
I wanna burn

busted  Adjective
That girl has a face only a mother could love. She is so busted.

butterface  Adjective
a girl that has an ugly face but a good body
That girl is a butterface. Everything looks good but her face.

Canasian  Noun
Asian Canadian
Word Formation: blending

Canasian  Adjective
Asian Canadian
Word Formation: blending

Cappy  Noun
nickname for Capstone
Word Formation: Shortening of the word Capstone
Related words: Crackstone, the Lighthouse
We were at Cappy for a while yesterday.

cat  Noun
a flakey, undecisive, evasive person
What's up with you cat?

catch air  Verb
time spent in the air during a skateboard jump; hang time
Bro you caught some total air on that last run.

catch one slippin  Verb
to kill a deer

chaser  Noun
something to drink after taking a shot
Order me a chaser too!

check it  Interjection
Listen up, Used mostly by students from the north
Yo check it, I told you already, the test is on Friday

cheesing  Adjective
excessively smiling
That's such an awkward picture of him cheesing.

chill  Interjection
To calm down
Related words: chill out
Dude, chill.

chillin  Verb
Alternate spelling: chilling
Sitting, Relaxing
Related words: Relaxing, Haning out, Chillaxin, Cooling
I'm chillin in T-Coop for now

cig  Noun
a cigarette
Word Formation: shortening of "cigarette"
Related words: square
Can I bum a cig?

cised  Adjective
Im cised for the spring game

clutch  Adjective
Cool, awesome, really good
Yo that study guide you gave me was clutch.

coffeedence  Noun
Confidence from drinking coffee

Coker  Noun
Referring to the Coker Life Sciences building on the USC Campus
Word Formation: alphabetism of "Coker Life Science"
Related words: CSC
I need to start heading toward Coker for my lab.

Cola Hall  noun
nickname for Columbia Hall, a co-ed dorm
Word Formation: Shortening of the word Columbia Hall
I know a lot of people at Cola Hall.

cool  interjection
awesome, okay
Word Formation: Functional Shift- from the word cool meaning  neither warm nor very cold
We're cool for meeting up later right?

coolin  verb
Just relaxing/resting
Related words: Chilling
I asked my friend Shaun what he was doing, he said he was coolin.

coonin  verb
Partaking in reckless behaviors when there is work to be done
Yo I was straight coonin last night.

cougar  noun
older woman that likes younger men, or a young woman who likes younger men
My roommate scored a cougar last week and I haven't seen him since.

cracked out  phrase
feeling like a zombie from taking ADD medicine
Those two are cracked out every time we have an exam in chemistry.

Crackstone  noun
nickname for Capstone, located beside Cola Hall, is also a dorm for honor students
Word Formation: Replacing "cap" with "crack" in the dorm name to make it humurous.
Related words: Cappy, the Lighthouse
My friend wants to eat at Crackstone tonight.

cram  verb
study a lot in a little bit of time
Related words: cramming, cramability
I had to cram for this test because I was on a winning streak in the gym yesterday'

crap  interjection
uh-oh, Used to describe something that is absurd
Oh crap, I know I got an F.

crash  verb
show up uninvited
We crash a party last night.

crash  verb
fall asleep
I crashed after that study session last night.

cray  adjective
something crazy, wild, not desirable.
Word Formation: shortening of the word "crazy"
Related words: cray-cray
Remember when you got attacked by this dog the other day, man that was cray.

crib  Noun
home; living quarters
Word Formation: popularized by MTV show "Cribs"
Welcome to my crib.

crunchy  Adjective
dirty; unattractive
That crunchy guy in my class always has B.O.

crunk  Adjective
very drunk
Word Formation: blending of "crazy" and "drunk"
Let's get crunk!

crush  Verb
to do extremely well
Related words: beast, murder, slam
You sounded so good! Crushed it.

cuz  Noun
Alternate spelling: cuzz
cousin; friend
Word Formation: clipped form of "cousin"
Related words: cuzzo, dude, bro, man, dawg
What up cuz?

d-block  Verb
to steal
I went to the mall and d-blocked a pair of shorts.

d-l. Noun
keeping quiet; keeping a secret; usually used as "keep it on the D.L."
Word Formation: alphabetism of "down low"You gotta keep what I just said on the D.L.

dank  Adjective
good quality, originally used only to describe high quality of marijuana
That food was dank.

dawg  Noun
term of address to a friend
Related words: dude, bro, man
What up dawg.

dead  Adjective
very drunk
After all those shots I was dead.

dead  Adjective
boring, nothing exciting happening
It was dead last weekend, everybody was out of town.

derp  Interjection
usually a reply to a stupid or unnecessary comment or action; another form of "duh"
Word Formation: comes from TV Series "South Park"
*friend trips on a brick* "Derp!"

dick  Noun
That guy is such a dick toward females, I'm not sure how he has a girlfriend.

diddly squat  Noun
I'm doing diddly squat when I get home.

dig  Verb
to like something a lot
I dig her outfit.

dime  Noun
very good looking girl
Word Formation: derived from an evaluation of a girl as a "perfect 10"
My girlfriend is a dime.

dip  Verb
Related words: roll out, deuce out, dipset
This party is lame; I’m dippin.

dip out  Verb
to leave early
If the teacher doesn’t show up in the next minute I'm going to dip out.

dipset  Verb
To abruptly leave a scene
You ready to go? Let's dipset.

dirty  Adjective
Cool, awesome
My new tricked out stereo system is dirty.

ditto  Verb
I'm tired. "Ditto."

dog  Noun
Alternate spelling: dawg, dogg
A term used to address another person, who is typically a friend
Related words: Cuzz, dude, bro, bro dog, man
What's happenin' dog?

done seent it  Verb
I saw it
I done seent it all.

doneskies  Verb
To complete something
My paper is finished. I'm doneskies.

donk  Noun
an oversized butt
She gotta donk.

doobie  Noun
Related words: joint, blunt
Let's go smoke this doobie.

dope  Adjective
I like her style, her outfit is dope.

douchebag  Noun
a person with a certain combination of obnoxious characteristics related to attitude, social ineptitude, public behavior, or outward presentation.
He is such a douchebag.

driving the strugglebus  Phrase
to be hungover
I drank so much last night I am driving the driving the strugglebus.

drug rug  Noun
a hemp sweater
He has a drug rug.

dt  Noun
another way to say downtown
Word Formation: alphabetism of the word "downtown"
You want to go dt tonight?

dude  Noun
a guy or friend
Related words: Buddy, Homie, Friend, Bro, Guy
Hey dude.

dude  Interjection
an exclamation, an aside or interruption of happiness, satisfaction, awe, disappointment or sympathy

emo  Adjective
used to describe someone who acts depressed and sad for attention
You are such an emo kind of person.

epic  Adjective
really cool or awesome; amazing
That was an epic party.

epic fail  Phrase
a huge mess up or failure
That test was an epic fail.

eyeballin me  Phrase
another way to say someone is looking at you
That person over there is eyeballin me.

faded  Adjective
I got so faded last night.

fail  Noun
an obvious embarrassing mistake
Well that was a huge fail.

fam  Noun
descibing people that are your family or close enough of a friend to be considered family
Word Formation: shortening
I love my fam.

fawesome  Adjective
F*ing Awesome
Word Formation: blending of "fucking" and "awesome"
That guy over there is fawesome.

fawkward  Adjective
f*ing awkward
Dude you're so fawkward.

feel me  Phrase
Questioning if someone understands
Related words: Word, Got it, Okay
Don't do that again. Feel me?

feeling you  Phrase
Be romantically interested in
She is totally feeling you.

feels  Noun
feelings, emotions
Word Formation: shortening of "feelings"
all these feels that I have

fetch  Adjective
Cool, awesome
Word Formation: comes from the movie "Mean Girls" in which a character was unsuccessfully trying to make "fetch" a popular slang word
That is so fetch.

fire  Adjective
Pronunciation: fy-ya
cool, exciting, good
That shirt is fire.

five-o  Noun
Alternate spelling: 5-O
Slow down, the five-o is out today.

flaky  Adjective
That dude is flaky.

flamer  Noun
a homosexual person who is very outgoing about their sexuality, usually has a negative connotation, often offensive
He's such a flamer.

flexin'  Verb
showing off
man, quit flexin'

flip out  Verb
to go crazy; to get particularly angry or mad
Related words: flip, freak out
Why did you flip out on me yesterday? That was out of line.

floordrobe  Noun
a pile of clothes left on the floor
I have a floordrobe full of clothes

flu  Adjective
not good looking
That shirt you got on is flu.

fly  Adjective
good, cool
That shirt you got on is fly.

fly -as-fugg/shit  Adjective
emphasized version of "fly"
That's fly-as-shit.

fo' sho'  Interjection
for sure, definitely
Word Formation: Derived from "for sure"
I'll be there fo' sho'

FOMO  Noun
Acronym for "fear of missing out", mainly used in typed form, not often spoken
I gotta get my phone fixed - this FOMO is driving me crazy.

food coma  Noun
when you eat way too much food
I need to take a nap, I have a food coma

for real  Interjection
used in agreement or to emphasize a point
I'm being for real right now

for real(s)?  Phrase
used to question something. really? seriously?
Related words: for serious
Are you being for real right now?

for serious?  Phrase
used to question something. really? seriously?
Related words: for real

frat  Noun
short for "fraternity", may have negative connotation
Fuck that frat

frat castle  Noun
a fraternity house
Party at the frat castle later!

frat rat  Noun
a fraternity groupie that has not been accepted into a sorority because she shows unfavorable traits such as being promiscuous, used mostly by fraternity members

frat-tastic  Adjective
to dress or act like one in a fraternity.
That guy was frat-tastic.

freakin  Noun
used in place of saying "fucking"
That show last night was freakin awesome!

freakin' me out  Noun
feeling awkward or uncomfortable
You're freakin' me out bruh.

frenemy  Noun
someone who is both a friend and an enemy secretly
He's a frenemy.

fresh  Adjective
attractive; good-looking
Related words: hot, fly, sexy
He got a haircut and is looking fresh today.

fuck my life  Phrase
used when a person is extremely frustrated, stressed-out, or depressed, or simply forgot to do something
Related words: FML (fuck my life)
This week is going to be hell. F#$% my life.

fuck y'all  Phrase
shame (on others)
Fuck y'all, all y'all!

fucked  Noun
used for a bad situation
I'm so fucked.

fugly  Adjective
combination of the words fucking and ugly
She is fugly.

fuzz  Noun
nickname for the police
Look at the fuzz going to the bar.

G  Noun
a gangster; a tough guy
Word Formation: from "gangster"
I made it out alive, I'm a G.

gank  Verb
to screw up
I knew I ganked on that exam.

GDI  Noun
god damn independent, used mostly by sorority members

geez  Noun
to be annoyed
Leave me alone, geez!

get [your] panties in a wad  Phrase
to be angry
Don't get your panties in a wad.

get it, girl!  Phrase
flaunt your sex appeal proudly
Get it girl!

get laid  Verb
to have sex
I'm gonna get laid tonight.

get plastered  Verb
get drunk
I got plastered at that party last night.

get rocked  Verb
to severely lose (in a sporting event):beat bad
The Bucks are going to get rocked by OKC.

get silly  Verb
to have fun (partying context)
Getting silly this weekend bro.

get the juice  Phrase
to get a lot of attention from the opposite sex
Tonight you got the juice, girl!

get weird  Verb
getting drunk
We're getting weird tonight!

ghetto  Adjective
trashy, inappropriate
Her outfit is so ghetto.

ginger  Noun
a redhead
She was a ginger.

go skiing  Verb
to use cocaine
I went skiing last weekend

go so ham  Phrase
speaker was describing how she was going to eat her lunch; go hard
I'm about to go so ham on this food.

go with the flow  Phrase
live life with no worries, just let things happen on their own
Just go with the flow girl.

gotcha  Interjection
signifying understanding
I gotcha man, that's some deep stuff.

grab  Verb
to informally borrow something
Can I grab that pencil from you?

green  Noun
someone who is scary or has little respect; nobody to worry about, Used mostly by students from the south
Man see them dudes over there they so green

grody  Adjective
I saw this man digging through the garbage, that’s grody.

grub  Noun
Related words: noms
Let's get some grub, I'm hungry.

grungey  Adjective
used to described dirty looking people
That homeless guy sure looks grungey

guido  Noun
a male with dark skin and gel in his hair
Mike from the Jersey Shore is such a guido.

HAM  Noun
acronym for Hard Ass Mother (Fucker)
That exam was such a HAM dude!

hammered  Adjective
used to describe someone who is intoxicated beyond measure
Related words: chill
Dude I was totally hammered last night after that party.

heard that  Verb
Alternate spelling: heard dat
sounds great
Related words: word
I heard dat!

heated  Adjective
angry about something
Word Formation: related to being "hot tempered"
This bitch got me heated.

hey love  Phrase
a way to address girls, often used by girls
Hey love how are you?

hip  Adjective
I see you shordy- you hip!

hippie-flipping  Verb
Alternate spelling: hippie flippin'; Pronunciation: hippee-flippin
Taking mushrooms and MDMA simultaneously
I was hippie flippin at the party lastnight

hipster  Noun
Someone who likes "vintage" things
He was a hipster back in the day

hit me up  Verb
contact me (call, text, etc)
Hit me up after the party.

hit the road  Verb
father talking to daughter when it was time to go

HoCo  Noun
Pronunciation: hoh-koh
nickname for Honors College Residence Hall
Word Formation: Honors is shortened to Ho and College is shortened to Co.
Related words: Honors
Let's eat at HoCo tonight.

Hold it down  Salutation
Goodbye; have a good day

hold on  Verb
Alternate spelling: hol on; Pronunciation: hole-on
stop, clarify
Hold on I wasn’t done yet

hold up  Verb
Alternate spelling: hol up; Pronunciation: hole-up
Related words: stop
Hold up what did you say to me?

holla  Verb
Contact me later; Goodbye
Holla at me!

homie  Noun
Word Formation: shortened form of homeboy
Wassup homie?

hood  Adjective
cool, thuggish, gangster
That's so hood.

hood  Noun
Come to my hood later.

Hoodlands  Noun
Referring to the The Woodlands apartment complexes being “hood”
I'm living at the Hoodlands next year.

hook up  Verb
Fornicate with
I hooked up with someone lastnight.

I died  Verb
Something is so funny you can barely handle it
That joke was so funny, I died.

I got you  Verb
to pay for someone
I don’t have the money to go out tonight. "Let's go I got you."

I was gone  Verb
black out drunk
I drank so much last night, I was gone.

I'll cut you  Verb
warning of severe consequence, used as an empty threat
If this information gets out, I'll cut you.

I'm beat!  Noun
I'm exhausted
After going to the gym, I'm beat.

I'm down!  Verb
I will, I'll do it
You want to go to this party? "I'm down!"

I'm dying  Adjective
I have so much to do
That end of semeester feeling when everything is piling up

I'm straight  Adjective
Alternate spelling: im str8
im ok
"You good?" "Yea Im straight!"

IDK  Phrase
I don’t know
"Are you going to study later?" "Idk"

ill  Adjective
very cool
His tattoos are ill.

ill about it  Phrase
Bummed out
I failed my exam, I'm ill about it.

innit  Phrase
isn't it
It's nice out today, innit?

it’s a wrap  Phrase
The conclusion is predictable
They up by 30, man it's a wrap.

jack  Noun
cellular device
Hit me on my jack later.

jacked  Adjective
hyper, or drunk
Nate got jacked last night.

jakey  Adjective
ridiculous negative attribute
This dude is jakey.

jammin  Adjective
Alternate spelling: Jammin out
listening to music
Jammin to the radio on the way to class

janky  Adjective
She was so sloppy today.

jelly  Adjective
Whenever she walks in all of the girls get jelly.

jk  Interjection
just kidding
Word Formation: alphabetism of the phrase "just kidding"
I stole you money…… jk.

jokey  Adjective
funny in an excessive way
The comedy show was jokey in the union hall.

Jones  Noun
Jones Physical Science Center on the USC Campus
Related words: PSC
I've got a class in Jones at 9:05.

just a sec  Phrase
hold on
Just a sec, I have to get my wallet.

just saying  Phrase
Alternate spelling: jus sayin
used to emphasize a personal opinion, often one that may be offensive

kegger  Noun
a keg party
The kegger is at the frat house this weekend.

kick rocks  Interjection
Get out my face
Man kick rocks

kickin' it  Adjective
hanging out
We was just kickin' it last weekend.

kicking myself  Adjective
regreting something, frustrated with self
Man I'm kicking myself about this final exam.

kicks  Noun
tenis shoes, sneakers
Don't step on my kicks.

kill  Verb
to do well, to beat
I killed that exam.

kill me  Phrase
sick and miserable
I feel horrible after last night - just kill me.

killer  Adjective
Bro those are some killer waves.

kiss my ass  Phrase/Interjection
a way to express anger
"You look rough this morning" "Kiss my ass!"

knocked up  Phrase
She got knocked up.

kosher  Adjective
acceptable; good and relaxed
That's not kosher man.

kudos  Interjection
imaginary token of approval
Kudos pal!

lame  Adjective
boring, not cool or fun
Related words: lamesauce
Come to the party with us! Don't be lame!

lamesauce  Adjective
boring, not cool or fun; a more emphatic form of "lame"
Related words: weaksauce
He's such lamesauce!

later  Salutation
bye; see you later
Later dude

Latti  Noun
a nickname for Marcus Lattimore
Word Formation: shortening of Lattimore
Latti's the man!

LeCunt  Noun
a nickname for LeConte, a building on campus
I got class in LeCunt next.

legit  Adjective
Word Formation: shortening of the word "legitimate"
This party is legit.

let's rap  Adjective
To talk; have conversation, Used mostly by students from the north
C'mon man lets rap.

let's roll  Phrase
another way to say let's go
Are you ready to go? Okay, let's roll.

lifted  Adjective
to be high
I am feeling very lifted right now.

loaded  Adjective
very rich
That guy is loaded.

lol  Phrase
Alternate spelling: lolz
that's funny, Used both in internet and text speak as well as in conversation
Word Formation: from the phrase "laugh out loud"
He ran into the pole! Lolz

ma  Noun
Used to address a female of interest, Used mostly by students from the north
You looking good ma

mackin’  Verb
hitting on someone
He was mackin’ on her last night.

mad  Adverb
really, very
She is mad hot!

mad crazy  Phrase
cool, unbelievable
That was mad crazy.

make it rain  Phrase
spending a lot of money
I made it rain at that store.

mane  Noun
Similar to bro, just very southern, Used mostly by students from the south
What's up mane

margs  Noun
Word Formation: shortening of "margaritas"
Let's go get some margs.

Masterbates  Noun
nickname for the Bates area of the University of South Carolina campus
It's a Masterbates thing, you wouldn't understand.

Maxcy Pad  Noun
nickname for Maxcy College; an internationally themed dormitory at the Universtiy of South Carolina
We hung out at the Maxcy Pad for hours last night.

McProjects  Noun
nickname for McBryde, an all-male dorm at the University of South Carolina
Come over, I live in McProjects.

messed up  Adjective
drunk,  on drugs, or both
Let's get messed up tonight!

messed up  Noun
expressing disapproval
That's messed up that you would go behind my back like that bro.

minute  Noun
a relatively long period of time, typically weeks or months
It's been a minute since I've seen you.

MNP  Noun
Monday Night Pavs, referring to a ritualistic weekly meeting at the Pavlov's bar in five points
Word Formation: Alphabetism
Are you going to MNP this week bro?

monster  Adjective
describing a person who is extraordinary in some regard
Jadaveon Clowney is a monster defensive end!

muggle  Noun
generic, average person
Word Formation: adapted from the Harry Potter novels, from referring to non-magic people
Don't be such a muggle, do something meaningful with your life.

nalia  Noun
apparel which displays the letters of a Greek organization, used mostly by fraternity members
Word Formation: shortening of "paraphernalia"

neos  Noun
new initiates in a Greek organization, used mostly by fraternity members
Word Formation: shortening of "neophyte"

noms  Noun
Let's get some noms.

noob  Noun
noobie, new
He's not good at this - he's a total noob.

norts  Noun
Nike running shorts
South Carolina girls love their norts.

nuke  Verb
cook food in the microwave oven
I'm going to nuke last nights dinner for lunch.

nuts  Adjective
You're nuts!

obsessed  Adjective
I love it
She's obsessed with Prada.

obvi  Adverb
Alternate spelling: obvz
short for obviously, clearly, foreseen
Word Formation: shortening of "obvious"
I obvi loved it!

off the chain  Phrase
cool, awesome, good
That pizza was off the chain.

oh my lanta  Interjection
expression of disbelief
Oh my lanta, he ate the entire thing!

Okie Dokie  Adverb
Another term for okay or alright
Related words: Okay, Alright, Sure
I'm feeling okie dokie.

omg  Interjection
oh my god
Related words: Oh my gosh
OMG! Her dress is adorbs!

on lock  Adjective
having something done for sure
I have that essay on lock.

on point  Adjective
extremely good
Maddios's pizza is on point!

on the rocks  Phrase
describes a drink served over ice cubes
I'll have a margarita on the rocks.

one  Salutation
Goodbye, Used mostly by students from the north
Okay see you later, one

out of it  Phrase
Not here, Zoning
I'm so out of it from studying

outie  Verb
to abruptly leave a particular scene
Related words: outie 5000
One more fat joke and I'm outie.

owned  Verb
to be defeated
Related words: pwned
I just got owned

OWT  Verb
Pronunciation: pronounced "out"
to hang out and represent your Greek organization in the process, used mostly by sorority members

Patty Shack  Noun

nickname for Patterson hall, an all-female dormitory
I'm going to the Patty Shack tonight.

peace  Interjection
I'm out. Peace, bro.

perf  Adjective
Word Formation: shortening of "perfect"
That's so perf.

phenom  Noun
Word Formation: shortening of "phenomenon"
Vitor "the phenom" Belfort - UFC fighter

photobomb  Verb
to sneak into someone else's photo
He so photobombed that picture.

piece of cake  Noun
an easy or simple task
That was a piece of cake.

pigs  Noun
the police
Related words: piggy piggy, po-po, five-o
Put that shit out, it's the pigs.

pissed (off)  Adjective
angry, mad, irritated
Related words: pissy
I'm so pissed.

plastered  Adjective
drunk, inebriated
You're plastered, bro.

play  Verb
to fool someone
Don't play me!

playa  Noun
male friend; a guy who dates multiple women at once
Related words: player, playboy
What up playa?

playboy  Noun
male friend
Related words: player, playa
How's it going playboy?

player  Noun
a guy who dates multiple women at once
Related words: playa, playboy
I can't believe you dated him - he is such a player.

pleeb  Noun
a pledge in a Greek organization, usually a fraternity
Go ask one of the pleebs to do that for you.

po-po  Noun
Word Formation: shortening and reduplicating of "police"
Related words: pigs, five-o
The po-po's all over five points tonight.

preach  Interjection
to agree
After they were done with their speech I was like preach my brother.

preesh  Interjection
I appreciate it
Word Formation: shortening of "appreciate"
Preesh that favor you did for me yesterday.

pregame  Verb
drink before the event in question
We're pregaming at Todd's before the rave.

presh  Adjective
Word Formation: Shortening of "precious"
Jennifer and her new bf were so presh cuddling last night.

probs  Adverb
Word Formation: shortening of "probably"
Will you be at the game later? Probs.

probz  Noun
problems, often used as part of a twitter hashtag like #fatgirlprobz
She has too many probz on her hand right now.

PSC  Noun
nickname for the Physical Sciences building
Word Formation: alphabetism of Physical Science Center
Related words: Jones
My final is in PSC at 9.

pumped  Adjective
I'm pumped up like I took some drugs or something.

Pussy Palace  Noun
nickname for Patterson, an all-female dorm
Related words: Patty Shack
I'm headed to Pussy Palace bro!

pwned  Verb
Pronunciation: powned
Owned times ten, typically in the context of gaming
Related words: owned
I pwned her after the party last night.

rad  Adjective
awesome, cool
That was rad.

rage  Verb
partying hard
We raged last night.

rando  Noun
nickname for a person you wouldn’t expect to be somewhere
Related words: RTR
Rando was at the club last night -_-.

raped  Verb
defeated, destroyed, owned
I got raped playing call of duty.

ratchet  Adjective
Alternate spelling: rachit
Ghetto, Unacceptable, Visibly unpleasing
That girl acts so ratchet. She has no manners!

re-up  Verb
Let's re-up on some beer.

redbone  Noun
light-skinned black girl
I hooked up with this redbone I met downtown last night.

ride out  Verb
to go out somewhere
We're ridin' out. You coming?

ridic  Adjective
Word Formation: shortening of "ridiculous"
I had to go back four times! So ridic.

ridonkulous  Adjective
Alternate spelling: redonkulous
Ridiculous, so much so that the word 'ridiculous' must be mispronounced in order to convey the high amount of ridiculousness.
That exam was redonkulous.

rigged  Adjective
having an unfair advantage because of some sort assistance.
This game is rigged!

roll in  Verb
to enter a place
I rolled in about an hour late.

roomie  Noun
Related words: roomz
I'm hanging out with my roomie tonight.

RTR  Adjective
ready to party
Word Formation: alphabetism of the phrase "ready to rage"
Related words: rage
It's my 21st birthday, I'm RTR!

RuHo  Noun
nickname for Russell House, the student union
Word Formation: Russell is shortened to Ru and House is shortened to Ho.
Related words: Russell
Meet you at RuHo.

run and tell that  Phrase
A phrase used to emphasize the truth of a statement
You know I'm right! You can run and tell that!

s’all good  Phrase
it's all good
"Sorry I had to bail last night" "S'all good"

sandz  Noun
people who joined a different Greek organization at the same time, used mostly by sorority members

schmammered  Adjective
heavily intoxicated
Related words: trashed, drunk, hammered, wasted
She went downtown and got schmammered Thursday night.

schwastey-faced  Adjective
very drunk, normally used in a joking way
Word Formation: possibly blending of shitfaced and wasted
Related words: schwasted, shit-faced
Im getting schwastey faced tonight

scoop  Verb
to pick someone up
Related words: scoop up
I'll scoop you (up) in a few.

scrub  Noun
loser; lazy person
He missed initiation. What a scrub.

sext  Noun, Verb
sexual text or picture message 
Word Formation: blending of "sex" and "text"
She's been sexting that guy she met on spring break.

shady  Adjective
suspicious; fishy
Related words: sketchy
He was acting real shady the other night. I don't know what he was up to.

shenanigram  Noun, Interjection
a photo posted on Instagram of something stupid or silly
I just posted that photo. Shenanigram!

shit  Interjection
Shit! I just tripped.

shit    Noun
something really cool
She thinks she's the shit.

shit-faced  Adjective
drunkenness to the point of unconsciousness
My friend was so shit-faced, I had to take her home.

shit-hammed  Adjective
Referring to being drunk, high, etc.
Related words: shit-hammered
Man, after that party I was shit-hammed.

shitty  Adjective
extremely drunk
We were pretty shitty last night.

shorty   Noun
Alternate spelling: shordy, shawty
girl; short person , Used mostly by students from the south
Sup shorty?

shotgun  Noun
Passenger seat
I call shotgun on the way home.

shotgun  Verb
to cut a hole in a beer with your key and chug it
We shotgunned like six beers.

shut up  Interjection
expression of disbelief; "no way"
"I won $500!" "Shut up! That's awesome."

shwasted  Adjective
very drunk
I got schwasted after graduation.

sick  Adjective
awesome; cool; intense
That poster is sick!

sike  Interjection
"just kidding"
I got an A on my paper…sike.

silver fox  Adjective
Attractive older male
My professor is a silver fox.

SINS  Interjection
"sorry I'm not sorry", sometimes the whole phrase "sorry I'm not sorry" is used
Word Formation: acronym

sit down  Phrase 
calm down
She was screaming and I was like "That girl needs to sit down"

skanky  Adjective
sleazy, dirty
Jenny's looking skanky tonight.

skeezy  Adjective
a male who has sex with an excessive amount of people
Word Formation: blending of skanky and sleazy
Related words: skeezer, skeeze, skanky sleazy
That skeezy dude from our class tried to holla at me.

sketchball  Noun
questionable person
Ian is such a sketchball.

sketchy  Adjective
untrustworthy, suspicious
Related words: shady, sketch
That turned out to be real sketchy.

sketchy  Adjective
Related words: sketch
I had to drive through a sketchy part of town.

slack  Adjective
lazy; subpar
My professor is so slack--she didn't even have an exam review.

sloppy seconds  Noun
a friend's former love interest
I don't want your sloppy seconds!

sloshed  Adjective
very drunk
They got sloshed in 5 Points last night.

smacked  Adjective
Related words: high
Yo I'm smacked.

smashed  Adjective
After all those shots you know she was smashed.

snap  Interjection
Exclamation of surprise or shock
"Oh, snap! Did you see that wreck just now?!"

solid  Adjective
a confirmation of something being good; in good standing
I had a solid day at work today.

son  Noun
address term for males
Related words: sonny, man, bro
What up son?

sorostitute  Noun
member of a sorority, usually implying promiscuity
I'm trying to find me a sorostitute tonight.

SoTo  Noun
nickname for South Tower, a dorm housing over 400 students that was all-female until 2012 when it was changed to co-ed
Word Formation: shortening of "South Tower"
All my friends live in SoTo.

spot  Noun
a home or apartment
Let's hang out at my spot.

square  Noun
Related words: cig
You got a square?

srat  Noun
Word Formation: blend of "frat" and "sorority"
She in a srat?

stack  Noun
thousand dollars
I got a stack on deck.

stank  Adjective
dirty; unhygienic
I'm feeling stank today.

stay up  Salutation
Goodbye;have a good day, Used mostly by students from the north

stink-eye  Noun
disdainful glare
Related words: stank-eye
She gave me the stank-eye for no reason.

stoked  Adjective
I'm so stoked for fall break.

stop  Interjection
expression of disbelief or surprise
Related words: hold up
"I got a $300 ticket." "Stop."

stout  Adjective
attractive, usually referring to females
We got a stout group of girls coming tonight.

straight  Adjective
alright; acceptable
Related words: I'm straight
That's straight.

Strom  Noun
the newer gym facility on campus, the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center
I ran into him yesterday at Strom.

strugg city  Adjective
Alternate spelling: strug city
struggling from something
Related words: struggs
It's been strugg city.

struggs  Adjective
Alternate spelling: strugs
Related words: strugg city, driving the struggle bus
I still have to write five more pages. Major struggs.

stupid dumb  Adjective
Intensifying to the max, Used mostly by students from the south
That party tomorrow goin be stupid dumb pack

sucks to suck  Adjective/Phrase
used to describe a really bad situation, more emphatic than "sucks"
This party sucks to suck.

sup  Phrase
a form of the greeting "what's up?"
Yo man, sup?

sups  Adjective
super, great, really good
Pronunciation: sounds like "soups"
Word Formation: shortening of "super"
that was sups obnoxious!

swag  Noun
free stuff, often given away for attending an event
They're handing out swag outside of the Russell House today.

swag  Adjective
Related words: swagger
That guy was sawg.

swagger  Noun
personal style; the way you carry yourself
You should have seen that swagger.

swasted  Adjective
A state of extreme intoxication
Related words: Schwasted, Plastered, Blitzed
We're getting swasted this weekend!

sweet  Adjective
Alternate spelling: saweet
awesome; very cool
My new car is sweet!

T-Coop  Noun
Alternate spelling: T.Coop, TCoop; Pronunciation: tee-coop
a nickname for the main library on campus, the Thomas Cooper Library
We studied at T-Coop all night.

tap  Verb
to have sex with
He's hot - I want to tap that!

that’s word  Phrase 
Another way to say that something sounds good
"We're going to get trashed tonight!" "That's word."

the big dog  Phrase
the most fit or strongest person
Jason is totally the big dog in his frat.

The Castle  Noun
nickname for Columbia Hall
Let's meet up at The Castle later.

The Clit  Noun
nickname for Mclintock, an all girls dorm
Word Formation: A nickname based on the name of the dorm and the fact that it's an all girls' dorm
She invited me over to the Clit.

The Colloq  Noun
nickname for the Colloqium Café, a small café located on the northern side of campus
Word Formation: Shortening of the word Colloqium
I'll meet you in the Colloq after class.

The Drow  Noun
Pronunciation: dro
nickname for Woodrow College, suite style dormitory located in front of the Russell House
Word Formation: Shortening of the word Woodrow
We all came over to the Drow to pregame

The Lighthouse  Noun
nickname for Capstone, a dorm on the north side of campus
Word Formation: The fact that the dorm looks like a lighthouse, due to the lights around the top.
Let's eat at the Lighthouse tonight.

The Mezz  Noun
the Mezzanine floor of Thomas Cooper Library
Let's meet on the Mezz.

thick  Adjective
curvy, sexy; often having a big booty and thighs; used to describe girls
That girl is thick.

thirst  Noun
overt pursuit of the opposite sex
I got a thirst tonight!

thirsty  Adjective
craving attention from the opposite sex; pursuing the opposite sex
She looks thirsty tonight.

tig ol' bitties  Phrase
big boobs
Word Formation: spoonersism of the phrase "big old titties"
Damn that girl's got tig ol bitties.

tight  Adjective
Something that is really impressive
That's tight.

tits  Adjective
awesome, unbelievably cool
It was tits.

TLDR  Phrase
used as a reason for not completing homework, specifically assigned reading, Often used online and in texts
Word Formation: alphabetism of the phrase "too long, didn't read"
"You do the homework yet?" "tldr"

TMI   Phrase
Too much information

toasted  Adjective
high from smoking marijuana 
Related words: blaze, smoke, burning, baked
Dude, I'm toasted.

too legit to quit  Phrase
extremely cool, amazing at life
Oh man, I am too legit to quit!

Goodbye; see you later
I'm out! Toodles!

totally  Interjection
used to express agreement
"David is looking hot!" "True!"

totes  Interjection; Adverb
Alternate spelling: toads
used to express agreement
Related words: totes; totes McGoats
I am totes skipping class today.

totes McGoats  Interjection
used to express agreement
Related words: totally; totes McGoats
"You ready to go shopping?" "Totes McGoats!"

trashed  Adjective
to be very drunk or intoxicated
Related words: totally; totes
You were so trashed at that party last night!

trick  Noun
a girl who is slutty
Don't go after her - she's a total trick.

trip  Noun
refers to someone or something that is crazy, funny
You crack me up! You're such a trip!

tripping  Verb
Alternate spelling: trippin
Calm down! You're trippin!

trippy  Adjective
weird; possibly, but not necessarily, weird because of drug use
That music video is trippy.

troll  Verb
to consistently bother someone with a prank on the internet, often by posting provocative or offensive things
She was trolling him bad.

true  Interjection
Alternate spelling: truth
used to express agreement
"This class is so hard! "True!"

turn up  Verb
to party hard
Yo, let's turn it up!; I'm turned up already tonight!

turn up   Verb
to get excited for an event
I'm turned up about Spring Break next week!

twerk  Verb
to dance; to shake it out on the dance floor
Let's twerk, girl!

twiddles  Noun
the newer members of a Greek organization that older members are responsible for, used mostly by sorority members
Word Formation: blending of "twin littles"

Twihard  Noun
a fan of the Twilight series
She's a total Twihard.

twisted  Adjective
describes a digusting situation
My ex has dated like 2 of my best friends. That is so twisted!

uber  Adverb
super; extremely
She is uber smart.

unfriend  Verb
to end a friendship on Facebook
Can you believe my ex unfriended me?

vaca  Noun
a vacation
Word Formation: Shortening of the word vacation
I'm so ready for Spring Break - I need a vaca!

vanilla  Adjective
plain, boring
Why do you want to hang out with her? She's so vanilla.

vike  Noun
all male radical chapters that do not want females in their Greek organization, used mostly by fraternity members

WaHa  Noun
Pronunciation: wah-hah
nickname for Wade Hampton, a dorm near the Horseshoe on campus.
Word Formation: Shortening of the name Wade Hampton
She told me to meet her at WaHa.

wail  Verb
to physically attack
My mom would wail on me if she found out!

wang  Verb
to hang out
Yo want to wang out?

want the "d"  Verb
want to have sex
He looks so good tonight. I want the "d"

wasted  Adjective
drunk, intoxicated
Related words: Trashed, hammered, fucked up
Let's go to the bar and get wasted!

wavy  Adjective
Type of feeling or expression, Used mostly by students from the north
Im feeling so wavy right now

waxed  Adjective
beaten badly, particularly in sports
That team just got waxed!

we straight  Phrase
we're alright; particularly, we're financially even
"Do I owe you from the other night?" "Nah, we straight."

weak  Adjective
not cool; lame
Related words: weaksauce
Dude, that was so weak!

weaksauce  Adjective
not cool, lame; a more emphatic form of "weak"
Related words: lamesauce
That food yesterday was weaksauce.

weird  Adjective
drunk, intoxicated
Let's get weird!

welp  Interjection
expression meant to portray giving up
Welp! There's nothing else I can do.

whack  Adjective
Not right; bad, negative
How did we not get invited to that party? That is so whack!

what do?  Phrase
What do I do?, typical in internet subcultures
Word Formation: shortening of the phrase "what do I do?"

what the junk?  Phrase
a euphemism for "what the fuck?"
Related words: what the fuck, wtf

what's crackin?  Phrase
a way to greet friends by asking what is going on
Hey girl, what's crackin?

what's good?  Phrase
another way to ask how a person is doing
Related words: what's goodie?
Hey man, what's good?

what's goodie  Phrase
Like saying what's up, Used mostly by students from the north
Related words: what's good?
What's goodie fam

what's the move?  Phrase
Where are we going out tonight?
"What's the move?" "A bunch of people are partying at Daniel's"

what’s up  Phrase
Alternate spelling: what up, whassup, waddup, sup
a way to greet friends by asking what is going on
Related words: what's crackin?
Haven't seen you in a while, man. What's up?

whatever  Interjection
Alternate spelling: whatev, whateva, whatevs
a word used to dismiss a topic or express disbelief
"Cait said she was partying with Joey last night." "Whatever. No way."

whip  Noun
a car, typically a nice car
Check out my new whip, yall

white  Noun
Related words: skiing

white bread  Noun
Used to refer to white people, typically white men
Word Formation: comes from hip hop culture
Related words: cracker
What up, white bread?

white girl wasted  Adjective
drunk, typically off a small amount of alcohol; or, like a drunk sorority girl
Nikki was white girl wasted last night!

wicked  Adjective
awesome, cool, originally a word used in the Northeast
That party was wicked!

wife  Verb
to make someone your serious girlfriend or wife
Related words: wife her up
She's awesome. You need to wife that girl.

wifey  Noun
serious girlfriend
Don't mess with her. She's my wifey.

winning  Interjection
Succeeding, besting the competition, often used like a hashtag to describe a situation
Word Formation: Made popular by Charlie Sheen
I just got an A on that paper. Winning!

word  Interjection
Alternate spelling: word up
Used to express agreement or approval; okay, awesome
Related words: that's word

wowthritis  Noun
Hand pain from playing WOW (World of Warcraft) too much
Word Formation: blend of "WOW" and "arthritis"

wrecking face  Noun
A person who excels at a game or sport
Did you see that basketball game? He is a total wrecking face!

WTF  Interjection
Alternate spelling: what the fuck?
used to express disbelief, dismay, often negative
Word Formation: alphabetism of "what the fuck?"
Related words: what the fuck?, what the junk?, what the hell?
That exam was way harder than I thought it would be! wtf!

yo  Interjection
a way to greet someone
Yo, what's up?

YOLO  Phrase
Pronunciation: yo-lo
to live your life to the fullest; do something crazy
Word Formation: acronym of "You Only Live Once"
Forget about your exam tomorrow - let's go out tonight! YOLO!

zonked  Adjective
very exhausted or tired
It's been a long day - I'm zonked.

zooted  Adjective
Refers to the quality of being high on marijuana
Related words: High
I'm zooted, son.


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