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College of Arts and Sciences

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Hannah Rule

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: English Language and Literature
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-576-5975
Office: HUO 203
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
English Language and Literature


Ph.D., Rhetoric and Composition, University of Cincinnati
M.A., English, Michigan State University

Areas of Specialization 

    Rhetoric and Composition
    Writing Pedagogies
    Composition Theory

Recently Taught Courses 

ENGL 890 Studies in Rhetoric and Composition
ENGL 790 Survey of Composition Studies
ENGL 461 The Teaching of Writing
ENGL 102H Rhetoric and Composition 

Current Research Projects 

My current book project asks how a renewed sense of writing processes might differently inflect contemporary writing pedagogies. On one hand, the notion of “writing as a process” still deeply founds the daily practices and assumptions of composition studies and its teaching. On the other, process has fallen from the discourse of composition scholars, especially in light of the long loose reign of postprocess theory that would disqualify process theories on grounds of acontextuality, generalizability, and universality. This book aims to revitalize how writing teachers and writers conceive of processes by focusing dimensions of writing less emphasized in process theories and practices across the field’s history: writing’s physicality and materiality, a view which focuses on writing as physical movement, interaction with tools and objects and environments, affect, and bodily sensations.

Selected Publications 

    Rule, Hannah J. "Writing's Rooms." College Composition and Communication (2018). Forthcoming.
    Rule, Hannah J. "Sensing the Sentence: An Embodied Simulation Approach to Rhetorical Grammar." Composition Studies 45.1 (2017): 19-38. Print.
    Rule, Hannah J., Kelly Blewett, and Janine Morris. "Composing Environments: The Materiality of Reading and Writing." CEA Critic 78.1 (March 2016): 24-44. Print.
    Rule, Hannah J. “A Review of Tate et. al. A Guide to Composition Pedagogies, 2nd EditionJournal of Teaching Writing 30.1 (2015): 103-110. Print.
    Rule, Hannah J. ​"Rereading Romanticism, Rereading Expressivism: Revising Voice through Wordsworth's Prefaces." Critical Expressivism: Theory and Practice in the Composition Classroom. Roseanne Gatto and Tara Roeder, eds. Parlor Press (2014): 201-217. Print. Web.
    Rule, Hannah J. "The Difficulties of Thinking Through Freewriting." Composition Forum 27 (Spring 2013). Web.

Recent Presentations 

    "Sensing the Sentence: Embodied Simulation and "Label-less Grammar, "Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar (ATEG), Central Michigan U, August 2017
    "Composition as Improv," Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Portland, March 2017
    "The Touch and Feel of Typing," CCCC Houston, April 2016
    "The Case for Romping: Questioning the Rhetoric of Distraction in Composing Processes," UNC Charlotte University Writing Program Conference, October 2015
    "Collaborative Rubrics: Having Students Discover and Define Criteria for Evaluation," USC/CTE 2015 Oktoberbest: A Symposium on Teaching, October 2015