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College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty and Staff

Christopher Witko

Title: Associate Professor
Director of MPA Program
Department: Political Science
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-3109
Office: Gambrell, 323
Resources: Curriculum Vitae [pdf]
Department of Political Science


Chris Witko holds a PhD from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, a MA from SUNY Albany, and BA from SUNY Plattsburgh.  Before earning his PhD and becoming a faculty member Witko worked as a transportation analyst in the New York State Senate and as a front-line bureaucrat implementing youth job and training programs for the Suffolk County (NY) Department of Labor.  He has been MPA Director since joining the faculty at USC in the fall of 2013, after time on the faculty at both Saint Louis University and California State University, Sacramento.  In the MPA program he regularly teaches the data analysis class and has taught public financial administration. 

Witko’s research focuses on state budgeting, the effects of school reform on students and communities, how public policies influence economic outcomes like job creation and inequality, and how organized interests influence public policy.  His research has appeared in The Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, State Politics and Policy Quarterly, The Review of Policy Research, The Journal of Politics and The American Journal of Political Science, many other journals and edited volumes.  Witko is currently part of research teams being funded by the Russell Sage Foundation and the Norwegian Research Council.   

In his free time Chris likes to spend time with his family traveling and having fun, cheer on the Gamecocks and Tar Heels, and read.  


Public Policy, Inequality, Education Policy 

Selected Publications 

Witko, Christopher. “The Politics of Financialization in the United States, 1949- 2005.” Forthcoming at British Journal of Political Science.

Kelly, Nathan J. and Christopher Witko. 2014. “Government Ideology and Unemployment in the U.S. States.” State Politics and Policy Quarterly 14(4): 389-413. 

Enns, Peter K., Nathan J. Kelly, Jana Morgan, Thomas Volscho, and Christopher Witko. 2014. “Conditional Status Quo Bias and Top Income Shares: How U.S. Political Institutions Benefit the Rich.” The Journal of Politics 76(2): 289-303. 

Witko, Christopher. 2011. “Campaign Contributions, Access and Government Contracting.” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 21(4): 761- 78. 

Kelly, Nathan J. and Christopher Witko. 2012. “Federalism and American Inequality.” Journal of Politics 74(2): 414-26. 

Cox, James H. and Christopher Witko. 2008. “School Choice and the Creation of Social Capital Reexamined.” American Journal of Political Science 52(1): 142-55.