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Department of Philosophy

Graduate Students

adam bailey Adam Bailey

I am interested in ethics and political philosophy. I received a PhD in business administration from Texas Tech University. Before joining the PhD program in philosophy at the University of South Carolina, I was a full professor of management in the School of Business at Black Hills State University. I have published articles on various topics in ethics and political philosophy in a variety of journals, including: Academy of Management Review, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, American Journal of Jurisprudence, Business and Society Review, Business Ethics Quarterly, Educational Theory, International Philosophical Quarterly, and Philosophia.
Grey Barber photo Gray Barber
I am primarily interested in Thomistic, Aristotelian, and Platonic Metaphysics, though I also dabble in other subjects. Much of my work has been studying Individuation, the Problem of Universals, and the Divine Exemplars. I received my undergraduate degree(s) in Theology & Philosophy at Belmont Abbey College in May of 2022. Currently, I am a Master's Student working towards a PhD in Philosophy. Outside of Philosophy, I have become interested in art, chess, the mystery genre, and D&D. 
John Boland John Boland

 I am interested in epistemology. I received my undergraduate degree in history from the College of William and Mary. I began my formal study of philosophy at the New School for Social Research before coming to South Carolina.
 Kelly Gallagher
Kelly Gallagher
My primary area of research is in contemporary neo-Aristotelian and Thomistic metaphysics. I am particularly interested in the relationship between Aristotelian conceptions of Nature and contemporary definitions of life. I explore this in my dissertation, where I argue that a strong version of hylomorphism (i.e. a Thomistic understanding) avoids the circularity problems that plague life definitions and thus provides a more fruitful framework for thinking about the nature of life. Furthermore, I am beginning to work on a related project where I argue that an Aristotelian understanding of Nature can provide a promising route for reconciling traditional views about essences with evolution, thus preserving belief in natural kinds. I also have an active interest in the role of skilled knowledge (techne) in human flourishing, and how technology can effect this for better or worse. When not doing academic things, I am probably doing renovation projects on my home or watching my chickens free range in the back yard.
 anderson haris photo
John Anderson Harris

My research interests are primarily in the history of philosophy with an emphasis on Pragmatism. Specifically, I am examining how John Dewey conceived of the role of emotion in inquiry. I maintain that for Dewey, emotions are necessary and essential features of all forms of inquiry, including science. Because of this, I suggest that he held that good inquirers, scientists, artists, and workers generally, require a holistic education that emphasizes and teaches emotional intelligence.

I am also the Graduate Representative of our department. If you have questions about graduate life, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Personal website:  
carol lynn miller Carol Lynn Miller

I am interested in personalism, philosophical anthropology, and existentialism. Before coming to UofSC I studied twentieth-century European personalism, which combines metaphysics and phenomenology to form a more complete understanding of the human person, at the University of Lublin in Poland. My Master’s thesis compared and contrasted the thought of Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II who formerly taught at the university) and Norris Clarke (an American who taught at Fordham University but did his doctoral studies in personalism in Louvain), two of the more prominent thinkers in the field. 
 Emily Matthias
Emily Mathias
Originally from Michigan, I received my MA in philosophy from Western Michigan University and I am working towards my PhD at U of SC. My primary research is at the intersection of philosophy of language and ethics. I also enjoy working with philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of Alasdair MacIntyre.

Recent Publications: "Groundwork for the Moral Evaluation of Speech Acts". Social Philosophy Today v.35, 2019, 129-142.
 Eric Maher
Eric Maher
I graduated from The University of Pittsburgh in 2013. I am interested in the Philosophy of Physics and the Philosophy of Science.
 Apurva Parikh
Apurva Parikh
My research is focused on bringing Deweyan pragmatism in conversation with Indian—particularly Hindu—philosophy. The aim of this cross-cultural dialogue is to explore how our understanding of traditional Hindu philosophical concepts would change once their neglected historical and evolutionary character is embraced. Deweyan pragmatism is particularly useful in this respect, especially given that it has done the same for the Euro-American traditions Dewey inherited.

I am currently working on two major projects, both concerned primarily with ethics. My dissertation is focused on reconstructing the basic concepts/principles of brahmanical Hindu ethics (as encountered in the Dharmaśāstra tradition) using the methods Dewey adopts to reconstruct the basic ethical concepts/principles of the Euro-American tradition that he inherited. The second project is focused on revealing the inadequacies of Kṛṣṇa’s approach to ethics in the Bhagavad-Gītā by demonstrating how it shares many of the features of Euro-American ethical traditions that Dewey critiques
 Sarah Pressman
Sarah Pressman
My research areas are in virtue ethics and moral psychology.  Currently, I am interested in how suffering plays a role in the virtuous life. Before coming to UofSC, I received my BA in philosophy from Baylor University.

Outside of academics, I enjoy knitting, reading fiction, and playing piano.  
John Schaffler
I'm a career Army Infantryman who is interested in studying both the metaphysics of war and the underlying philosophical and social ramifications of Aldous Huxley's work Brave New World.  I recently received my MA in Applied Political Philosophy from Boston University with my thesis concentrating on John Locke's influence on the American military, and I have a BA from Southern Methodist University in Literature and Religious Studies.  Outside of literature and philosophy I'm a huge college football fan and am excited to actually have a personal stake in an SEC football game.  
 Dustin Sigsbee
Dustin Sigsbee
My general research interests are in normative and applied ethics, with specific interests in the norms of partiality and animal ethics. My dissertation focuses on the philosophical insights to be gained by extending the norms of partiality to non-human animals. I also have interests in the continuing debate regarding the moral community, epistemology, and other areas of applied ethics, such as environmental ethics, biomedical ethics, and food ethics. 

Before entering the doctoral program at the University of South Carolina, I received my Master of Arts in Philosophy from Western Michigan University.

james stewart photo

James Stewart
I received my M.A. from the University of Wales, Trinity St. David. My primary area of interest is in epistemology as it relates to theory confirmation and inference to the best explanation. I am also researching in the philosophy of science, philosophy of biology, human evolutionary theory, and physical anthropology.
When not doing academic work, I enjoy hanging out with my wife Stephanie, and my two children, Augustina and Wesley.
patrick tully Patrick Tully
I am interested in New Natural Law Theory, ethics in general (especially bioethics), and aesthetics. I received both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Franciscan University of Steubenville.
 Carter Weinstein
Carter Weinstein
I received my undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Florida. I am interested in Normative Ethics, especially Virtue Ethics, the Philosophy of Emotion, and Jean Jacques Rousseau.
 Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson
I am interested in philosophy of religion and ethics with a side interest in metaphysics. In particular, I focus on approaches to natural theology and conceptions of natural law.













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