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Anne Pollok

Title: Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department: Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 803-777-3727
Office: Byrnes, Room 428
Resources: Curriculum Vitae
Department of Philosophy
Anne Pollock


Dr.phil., Halle/Germany, 2007

Research Interests 

Philosophy of Culture; Aesthetics in the continental tradition; History of Early Modern Philosophy, esp. German Enlightenment

I have been Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of South Carolina/Columbia since 2012, after receiving my Dr. phil. from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany), teaching as Instructor at USC, and as Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at Stanford University.

My primary area of research is aesthetics in the continental tradition, Moses Mendelssohn's philosophy, and philosophy of culture.

My first monograph is on Moses Mendelssohn’s anthropology. In 2012, I was awarded the Mendelssohn Prize of the Moses Mendelssohn Society of Dessau. Since then I have been focusing on Ernst Cassirer’s Philosophy of Symbolic Forms, and its expansion through Susanne Langer. My current book project concerns the intersubjective dimension of aesthetic experience. I also have significant interests in the history of aesthetics, esp. relating to the early modern and hermeneutic traditions (Herder, Kant, Schiller, Romanticism, Heidegger, Gadamer).

Selected publications:


Facetten des Menschen. Zu Moses Mendelssohns Anthropologie. [Facets of Humankind. On Moses Mendelssohn’s Anthropology] Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag, 2010 (= Studien zum 18. Jahrhundert 32), pp. 630.


“Significant Formation. An Intersubjective Approach to Aesthetic Experience by Cassirer and Langer”. Invited contribution to the Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, published by the New School of Social Research, NY, 37/1 (2016), pp. 71-95.

“A Further Mediation and the Setting of Limits: The Concept of Aesthetic Semblance and the Aesthetic State (Letters 26 and 27)”, in: Friedrich Schillers Briefe über die ästhetische Erziehung des Menschen in einer Reihe von Briefen. Klassiker Auslegen. Ed. by Gideon Stiening. New York: De Gruyter (in print).

“The First and Second Person Perspective in History. Or: Why History is ‘Culture Fiction’”, in: The Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer. A Novel Assessment. Ed. by Sebastian Luft and Tyler Friedman. New York: De Gruyter (New Studies in the History and Historiography of Philosophy, vol. 1), pp. 341-60.

“The Power of Rituals. Mendelssohn and Cassirer on the Religious Dimension of Bildung”, in: Religious Studies 50/4 (2014), pp. 445-464.
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“Kant’s defeated counterpart. Moses Mendelssohn on the beauty, mechanics, and death of the human soul”, in: Kant’s Philosophy of the Unconscious, ed. by Riccardo Pozzo and Marco Sgarbi. Berlin: De Gruyter 2012, pp. 103-130.

 “Cassirer’s Kant: From the Animal Morale to the Animal Symbolicum”, together with Konstantin Pollok, in: Yearbook for German Idealism 8 (2011), pp. 282-315.


Moses Mendelssohn: Phädon und einige Texte zur Bestimmung des Menschen. [Phaedon and a selection of texts on the vocation of man] With an Introduction and Commentary ed. by Anne Pollok, Hamburg: Felix Meiner, 2013.

Moses Mendelssohn: Ästhetische Schriften. [Aesthetical Writings] With an Introduction and Commentary ed. by Anne Pollok (=Philosophische Bibliothek Bd. 571), Hamburg: Felix Meiner, 2006, pp. 402.


Thomas Abbt and Moses Mendelssohn: Doubts and Oracle regarding the vocation of humankind. Invited contribution to the Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal, published by the New School of Social Research, NY (in preparation).

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