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Department of Philosophy

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Brett Sherman

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: 414 Byrnes
Resources: Department of Philosophy
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Brett Sherman



Ph.D. Princeton University, 2008
A.B. Harvard University, 2000

Research Interests


Philosophy of Language, Epistemology.

My central research project is aimed at exploring the connection between open questions and modality. I am also interested in understanding the role of context in shaping the use and meaning of language. In epistemology, I am primarily interested in the relation between knowledge and trust.

Recent Publications

  • Sherman, B. (2018). Open Questions and Epistemic Necessity. The Philosophical Quarterly, 68(273): 819-840.
  • Sherman, B. (2018). 'According to' Phrases and Epistemic Modals. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, 36(2): 627-636.
  • Sherman, B. (2015). Constructing Contexts. Ergo, 2(23): 581-605.
  • Burgess, A. and B. Sherman (eds.) (2014). Metasemantics: New Essays on the Foundations of Meaning. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Sherman, B. and G. Harman (2011). Knowledge and Assumptions. Philosophical Studies, 156: 131-140.
  • Harman, G. and B. Sherman (2004). Knowledge, Assumptions, Lotteries. Philosophical Issues, 14: 492-500.


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