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Department of Philosophy

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Michael Stoeltzner

Title: Professor
Department: Philosophy
College of Arts and Sciences
Office: Close-Hipp 529
Resources: Department of Philosophy
Michael Stoeltzner


Dr.phil., Bielefeld, 2003
M. Sc., Vienna, 1995

Research Interests 

Philosophy and History of Physics, Philosophy and History of Applied Mathematics, Epistemology of Elementary Particle Physics, Models and Ceteris Paribus Laws, Patterns of Formal Teleology


Selected Publications: "The Least Action Principle as the Logical Empiricist's Shibboleth", Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 34 (2003), 285-318; "On Optimism and Opportunism in Applied Mathematics", Erkenntnis 60 (2004), 121-145; "Causation in Logical Empiricism", in: Helen Beebee, Christopher Hitchcock, and Peter Menzies (Eds.): Oxford Handbook of Causation, Oxford University Press 2009, 108-127; "Model Dynamics: Epistemological Perspectives on Science and Its Educational Practices, in P. Humphreys/ C. Imbert (eds.): Models, Simulations, and Representations, New York: Routledge, 2012, pp. 62-87. “Constraining the Higgs Mechanism: Ontological Worries and the Prospects for an Algebraic Cure”, Philosophy of Science 79 (2012), 930-941; “Higgs Models and other Stories about Mass Generation,” Journal for the General Philosophy of Science 45 (2014), 369-384; “Hilbert’s Axiomatic Method and Carnap’s General Axiomatics”, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 53 (2015), 12-22.

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