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Department of Philosophy


We are first and foremost dedicated to providing you with the highest quality education in philosophy that we can. We encourage you to think very carefully about what you hope and plan to do after finishing a successful degree with us, and we will work hard, with you, to help ou make it happen. Here are where some of our most recent graduates have found employment.

Year Name Dissertation Last Known Position


Michelle Panchuk


Murray State University


 John Bauer


Joint Forces Staff College


Rich Holmes

Situationism and the Promise of Virtue Ethics

Pastor, Northridge Presbyterian Church, North Canton, OH


Daniel Kruidenier

A Critique of Charles Peirce's Account of the Necessary Conditions for the Possibility of Experience

Instructor, Midlands Technical College


Caleb Colley

John Pecham on Life and Mind

Pastor, Macland Road Church of Christ, Marietta, GA


Michael Spicher

Political Perfectionism and Aesthetic Experience

Program Coordinator and Instructor, Brookline Adult and Community Education, Boston, MA


Argiri Aggelopoulou

Aristotle's Theory of Emotions

unable to seek employment


Patrick Brissey

Descartes' `World': An Interpretation of the `Discourse on Method'

Lecturer, Coastal Carolina


Gordon Purves

The Productive Roles of Falsehoods in Science

 Assistant Professor, Sacred Heart University


Mia Wood

A Standpoint for Critique: The Metaphorical Status of Critique in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason

Associate Professor, Pierce College


Yeuncheol Jeong

Bohmian Quantum Mechanics with Quantum Trajectory

 Instructor, Chungbuk National University


Katherine Robinson

The Moral Significance of Environmental Aesthetics and its Importance for Environmental Decision Making and Policy Setting

Instructor, Department of Philosophy and School of the Environment, University of South Carolina


Preston McKever-Floyd

On Becoming Divine: A Study of the "Divine/Self" in Grace Jantzen

Assistant Professor, Coastal Carolina University



Christian Hipp

Trust in Medicine: Reconfiguring the Traditional Medical Fiduciary

Assistant Professor, Newberry College


Liz Stillwaggon Swan

Mind and Body?What's the Problem? A Systems Approach to Life-Mind Continuity

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Mercyhurst University


Rodrigo Moro

Linda is Back: Controversies Around the Conjunction Fallacy in the Psychology of Reasoning

Assistant Professor, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca, Argentina

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